Yves Rocher’s 2015 Holiday Collections Review

The holidays are fast approaching and there are plenty of Holiday Collections from several different companies that are great for just about everyone! Sometimes when I have a hard time finding the best items for people I look at Holiday Collections and try to find the best portions that will suit the people on my list. I know how hard it can be to find the right gift for everyone, and why not give something to pamper that woman in your life? They work hard and deserve something nice to feel pampered.

Some great collections this year come from Yves Rocher! There are so many great limited edition items you can find and great collections that would be great for anyone this year. I tried out a few great items this year and I am very excited to share what I thought about each one!

Lets start with the Vanille CollectOR collection! This first one I will start with is the Shimmering Shower Gel. I love being able to wash my body with yummy scents such as vanilla. What is great is the shimmer, it gives an extra luxurious feel to the already great feeling of the shower gel. I really like that all the products are Paraben free. It makes a nice foam on my bath poof and it goes on making my skin feel smooth and soft, and lets not forget the scent stays with me almost all day!

The next item on the list Vanille CollectOR Shimmering Body Lotion. I love the feel on my skin and it leaves a nice shimmer on your skin that is wonderful. I also love how the scent when paired with the Shimmer Shower Gel is just divine. I can smell it hours later.

So let us talk about the Vanille CollectOR Fizzy Bath Cube. I really like the fizz and the scent! I love indulgent items for baths & showers. When I first saw the cute little packaged Fizzy Bath Cube I was thinking “Ooooo Candy!” It is so cutely wrapped I thought it was great, better than to eat it [keep away from children 😉 ]. When in the bath it fizzes and just makes the whole bath smell yummy. This item would make a great addition to a stocking or as decoration in a box of the other Vanille CollectOR items to put under the tree.

I love candles, I am really crazy about candles. When taking a bath I like to light candles and just relax, and what is better than a candle that smells just like the items you use for your bath? I tried out the Vanille CollectOR Candle and it really made the whole bathroom feel like a awesome vanilla experience. It also leaves your bathroom smelling like a vanilla wonderland for hours!

Want something to top off the full experience of your Vanille CollectOR experience? Try out the Vanille CollectOR Eau De Toilette. It just gives the skin an nice lasting smell to give you a full vanilla experience that lasts the whole day, and then some. It smells just as good as the other items and just tops off the whole collection so you can smell yummy all day long.

Do you think the fun stopped there? Heck no! There are even more Yves Rocher items I have gotten the chance to try out so let the fun continue!

The Cocoa collection is awesome! I really love the Cocoa & Pistachio Nut, it is also a great collection to go with the whole Christmas theme, because its green! I love liquid hand soap, I wash my hands an endless amount of times during the day. I tried out the Cocoa & Pistachio Nut Liquid Hand Soap, and my hands were so smooth and smelled delightful. I use it constantly through out the day, not sure how long it is going to last before I have to get more to replace it.

I love how there are so many different scents of Shower Gels and I love the Cocoa & Pistachio Nut Perfumed Shower Gel. It not only a festive green for the holidays, but it is just a great smell over all to give you a great feeling. I find the scent to be unique and it creates a great lather in my poof and creates a great scent that lasts on your skin. I really loved the feeling on my skin and it rinsed off clean.

Speaking of shower gels, I got to try out another Cocoa & Pistachio Nut Sparkling Shower Gel. I love that the sparkling makes it feel even more luxurious. The scent is really amazing, I feel all cocoa fun! It is great and fun, I also love the packaging. It is a really neat round bottle and I think it would make a great addition to a stocking this holiday season!

If you love the Cocoa & Pistachio scent as much as I do, there are other products you can try out to have all the bits of this collection:

Now that we have covered some bath options, why not talk about some beauty options? I tried out a few beauty products from Yves Rocher Holiday Look that are splendid!

I love dressing up over the holidays, who doesn’t? I think it is a great excuse to wear things I may not normally wear because it is such a great occasion. I tried out the Prussian Red Lipstick and it beautiful. I love that the red really reflects the holidays. This is a great item to buy yourself to wear over the holiday, or perhaps to put in a stocking for someone else.

I love options when I buy a beauty product and I got the chance to try out the Smokey Gray/Mandarin Khol Duo & Stormy Blue/Peacock Blu Khol Duo sticks for your eyes. You get 2 for 1, which is a great deal & the colors are awesome! It was a lot of fun mixing and matching and mixing and it lasted for a while which is great!

Another great eyeliner is the liquid Eyeliner- Sparkling Silver. I love fun things for the holidays and I would love to find something like this in my stocking or to just get myself to be dressed up for the holidays. It goes on smooth and lasts forever! I have not used a lot of liquid eyeliner but the brush was small and it was easy to apply.

So many great items from Yves Rocher to look over this year! I love the scent collection and the beauty products. Each are great quality and a must have over the holidays!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.



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