You’ve Been Sentenced! Review

As the holidays approach I am looking for great gifts to give to people along with things that can become something we do over the holidays. I usually have a lot of family come in for the holidays and I am always looking for great games to gift and play while waiting on Santa’s visit.

I am looking forward to gifting You’ve Been Sentenced! by Mcneill Designs for Brighter Minds this holiday season. It is a great game to wrap and put under the tree for anyone 8+. This would even make a great addition to the Christmas Trimmings of the season, to make it a nice addition to game nights during the holiday break the kids get to take from school.

The game is highly educational and funny, we laugh from beginning to end while making up our own sentences. My oldest was just about 8 when we introduced her to the game, as she is learning Writing Skills in school currently. This has helped her to make great sentences and know how they are supposed to be constructed.

So each person draws 10 cards and you make a sentence with as many of the words as you can. The person to finish their sentence first will turn over the timer and that gives everyone else that amount of time left to make their sentences. After you have your sentences you have to justify that it is a full and complete sentence to everyone else. If it is justified you get to tally up your points to see who wins that round! It is a lot of fun.

There are loads of Add-On Decks that are really worth the investment. It gives you more things to add to the current already great game. I do not think anyone NEEDS to get any Add-On Decks, because there are endless possibilities with the game as it is. I think the Add-On Decks just make a great addition to give you different topics to play the game with. With each deck you can choose to shuffle them into the cards of the You’ve Been Sentenced! game or you can have it be a separate deck you draw from.

We really enjoyed each of the Add-on packs and these would make great stocking stuffers as an addition to the game if they already have it, or put the game under the tree and a few Add-On Decks in their stocking! They really make a already fun and great game even better!

You’ve been Sentenced! is available at Barnes and Noble nationwide, select Boscov’s Department stores, and independent toy and game stores across the country. Add-on decks are available online at

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