You’ll Never Find A More Faithful Companion Than A Labrador

You will never find a more loyal friend than a Labrador. Their laid back and loyal temperaments make them ideal choices for family pets. Even if you are more of a cat person, you know a Labrador when you see one, and you can’t fail to get befriended by this gentle lump. His floppy ears, soft fur coat and cute nuzzling into your lap will have you wrapped around his little paw in no time.

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Labradors take the idea of companionship to a whole new level. They are the breed of choice when it comes to guide dogs with their calm demeanor and high levels of intelligence. They are sensitive to their surroundings and, with training, can dedicate their lives to helping the blind. Their kind nature means they are also effective therapy dogs. They will venture into hospitals and chill out with the children on the wards gaining a few strokes and a lot of attention in the process. A labrador’s sweet temperament permeates his immediate surroundings allowing the children to feel calm and take their minds off their ailments even for just a short time.

But what happens when your Labrador gets poorly? Whether he has an ear infection because he flung himself into the river on your last walk or just a particularly nasty bout of fleas, you will have to give your faithful friend some medicine at some point in his life. Often, this means pills. Even the most obedient and eager to please labrador can turn his nose up at taking a pill.

Unfortunately, the makers of doggy medicine have not yet found a way to make the tablets smell like big, juicy bones. If they did, you’d have him chomping down his pills in no time. The pills you have for your companion smell rancid to him. You will need to find the most appetizing and whiffy food that your dog eats and hide a pill in there. Hopefully, your mutt will be so hypnotized by the smell of his favorite meal that he’ll think nothing of the pill odor.

There are other methods to try when considering how to make a dog take a pill such as giving him some doggy treats specifically made with the aim of hiding a pesky pill. They are softer chews that you can pop the pill inside meaning your mutt will never set eyes on it. The covert operation of getting your dog to take his medicine can be a successful mission.

Perhaps the cutest way, if not the most successful way, of getting your Labrador to take his medicine is by slapping a load of peanut butter onto his paws and sitting the pill in there. Some dogs are so eager to lick it all off that they slurp up the medicine as well. If you have a particularly sneaky fellow, he will savor the flavor of every dollop of the peanut butter without even touching the pill. Still, it’s cute!

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Your labrador will be your faithful companion for as long as he lives with you. He will want to please you and be your friend. It’s only right that you give him the love, care and attention he deserves.

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