Women with Curves are Beautiful!

Women with Curves are Beautiful! I have been seeing this picture posted on my Facebook, and I LOVE IT! I feel it brings a real feel to actual women who do not work out 7 days a week, starve themselves, or try out every fad diet. I myself am not skinny minnie, but I am fairly active and try to eat healthy. That eating healthy part is that I REALLY try, but I really enjoy food.

I always found Marilyn Monroe to be beautiful, and I’m happy to know that I do not have to be 90lbs soaking wet with boots on to achieve her amount of beauty. Though knowing how to do my hair and using makeup might help. I have never been a girlie girl, but as I get older it is something I wish I knew more about. Especially since I have a beautiful little girl, I would like her to be able to learn from me.

So perhaps that is something I should work for, learning to be a bit more girlie! 🙂



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