So You Want To Build A House?

There are lots of people out there who would like to find a more suitable home for their families. Indeed, they might spend months trawling the internet checking listings all over the country. Still, they never locate anything that quite matches their expectations. Well, I’m here today to tell you there is a solution you’ve overlooked. Building a family home from scratch is one of the only ways to ensure it suits the requirements of your loved ones. However, many people expect the job to require a lot of hard work and effort. While that’s true in some respects, building a house is easier today than it ever was in the past. So, you shouldn’t rule the idea out just yet. In this article, I’ve outlined the process you would have to follow. Read the information and see if the concept seems appealing to you.


Choosing the best location

You will have to spend a long time working out the best place for your new home. Ideally, most people want to live with lots of space around them. However, they don’t want total seclusion because that causes issues. So, search for small towns and villages that have everything you require. You’ll want your kids to use decent local schools, and you should place yourself within thirty miles of the nearest hospital. In most instances, you’ll have to find a job to earn money when the project is complete. For that reason, it’s also worth checking the local economy to ensure there are enough opportunities. In a few year’s time, your kids will grow up and seek employment too. So, don’t put them in a town where there are only a few jobs available.

Determining your budget

Now you have the perfect location; it’s time to work out how much you can afford to spend. You should include your savings and any money you will earn from the sale of your current property. Sure, you might have to live in a hotel for a couple of months while building work takes place. However, that’s a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. Ideally, you should have a minimum budget of at least $350,000 to make this idea financially viable. Any less than that and you won’t manage to build a large enough house for your family. Of course, there are no upper limits, and you should always make a substantial investment if you can. You won’t want to sell this house, and you will likely pass it onto your kids. So, try to make it as big as possible.


Purchasing land

You now have to spend some money for the first time. Before you can build, you have to purchase some suitable land. Now, there are lots of things that could go wrong during that process. For that reason, it’s sensible to employ the services of an experienced lawyer before you part with any cash. First of all, you need to make sure it’s possible to build a house on the land you buy. In many instances, you will have to contact local councils to confirm that information. DO NOT make the mistake of spending money on land that’s not fit for construction. You would not believe the number of people who do that every year. They then have to find a buyer for the land, and they nearly always lose money. So, be smart and use some common sense.

Getting permission to build

Even if the land it fit for building, you still have to apply to local authorities in some instances. They will want to know some details about your plans. In some situations, they will then send that information to other people who live in the neighborhood. Those families can then lodge any issues or complaints before you start work. If you find yourself in a situation of that nature, use your head. Visit the neighbors before you submit the permission documents. Ask them if they have any problems with your plans, and then try to put their minds at ease. Nothing is wrong with baking a cake or something similar as a peace offering. You’ll find strangers are much more welcoming if you offer them a goodwill gesture.


Using the services of an architect

You should now have the land you need and permission to build. Well done! You’ve overcome the first couple of hurdles on your journey. Now you’ve reached the fun part. You need to get in touch with a professional architect and employ their services. Maybe you want them to design something unique for your family? Perhaps you’ve seen some ranch style house plans that tickle your fancy? Either way, the architect will know how to make your dreams come true. They will design the property with all your stipulations included. They will also ensure the home meets all building regulations. Construction workers will use the plans your architect created when erecting the house. For that reason, it’s vital you select someone with a good track record. So, make sure you read reviews and testimonials. Also, ask to look at their portfolio.

Finding reliable local tradespeople

Next up, you’ll have to make some contacts in the local construction industry. Don’t make the mistake of employing a company from out of town because they will charge you more money. Instead, you should try to put some cash into local professional’s pockets. You might consider asking your new neighbors for recommendations. Maybe they’ve had an extension built in the past, and they were happy with the outcome? If that fails, you just need to use Google. Every construction firm worth its salt will have a website these days. Just perform some research until you find a team you can trust. Arrange some meetings, and show them the plans for your new house. They should then come back to you with a quote for the work.


Sourcing low-cost materials

So, it’s time to purchase all the materials for your build. It’s an exciting process if you want to reduce spending as much as possible. That is because you will have to purchase a lot of the items from overseas. Sure, you can buy home building materials in the US, but they’re often rather expensive. Most people could make fantastic savings if they imported then from overseas. It all depends on the type of woods you want to use, and what you hope to achieve. At this stage, you also need to think about your impact on the environment. It’s often sensible to purchase solar panels for your new property. That way, you can provide power for the house without damaging the planet. There are also lots of other eco-friendly concepts you might want to consider.

Managing the project

You should now find yourself in the position where you can tell the tradespeople to start work. It’s an exciting time because you can watch the experts build your new house from the foundations up. However, you’ll have to employ one last worker. You need someone impartial who is willing to manage the project. That is because there are many ways in which construction could become delayed, and you might have to increase your budget. Nobody wants that to happen, and a manager will help to limit the chances. For example, your builders might take longer than expected on particular tasks. The person you employ to watch over them will lodge complaints whenever that happens. It’s just a way to ensure you don’t get ripped off once work begins.


Appreciating your new home

Within a couple of months, the construction team should finish your new home. You should celebrate on that day and spend it with your family. Of course, there is more work to do because you need to decorate the interior. However, you should congratulate yourself for getting this far. You can either handle the interior work yourself or employ more specialists. Either way, you could move into the property within only a couple of weeks. Invite neighbors around for a party, host a barbecue, or do something exciting to establish your family. Whatever happens, don’t forget to take a photograph of everyone standing in front of the house. That will go down in your family history scrapbook.

Now you know all the ins and outs of building a house from scratch, I hope more of you will consider that idea. At the end of the day, it’s the best way to ensure your family lives in the most suitable property. It’s also a fantastic gift to your kids when you finally depart. Financially, the job will work out cheaper than purchasing an existing home of the same size. However, that shouldn’t become your primary motivation. You build a house for your family because you want to live in a property designed specifically for you. Most people never achieve that goal because they lack imagination and vision. If you have the motivation and the cash to spend, don’t let anything get in your way. You can do amazing things if you just follow your dreams.

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