Uplifting Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Your Friend

If you’re a mother, you know how stressful taking your first newborn home can be. On top of all the aches and pains of just giving birth, reality hits you, and you realize the heavy responsibility rests on you. It’s’ now your job to continuously look after the baby and make sure they are warm, fed and comfortable. Depression and anxiety try to make its way into your mind, which can be distressing. Although it’s natural because your hormones are all over the place, there are ways to soothe your worries and calm down. If you have a friend who is going through this exact scenario, you can make their world a whole lot easier. By using your experiences and a sharp mind for the right gift, you can practically and mentally help them and make them feel like they’re not alone on this journey.

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Baby clothes for the seasons

Of the plethora of things the newborn baby will need, what can be overlooked are clothes for the different seasons. When winter comes around, it’s vital that the baby’s body is warm and its own body heat can be sufficiently captured. You could buy your friend some new cotton baby onesies. Wool is more insulating, but because of the wiry nature of the strands, this can lead to eczema and the baby feeling too hot when the skin is inflamed. If you don’t think a onesie will do, you can buy different hats, gloves, socks and even baby sheets for the cot and dressing table. For the summer and spring months, the baby will get warmer, and so clothes made out of breathable linen are a nice thoughtful gift. Baby clothes are items that usually cost the most because they are an accumulative purchase, so buying on behalf of your friend would save the new mom some money also.

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Uplifting gifts

A splendid spring meadow collection of flowers would uplift her mood and remind her of soothing and calmer times. You can do this by ordering a flower delivery online that will send the flowers in pristine and well-kept condition straight to the front door. A newborn will need constant attention, which means the mother almost never gets any real sleep. The odd hour here and there, but essentially not enough hours of sleep can be achieved during the weekdays. Buying some gifts to bring your friend new cheer would be a great gesture of showing you understand what they’re mentally going through. A neck pillow would allow your friend to rest her neck as staying up all night and holding the baby all day, will take a toll on her neck muscles. A neck pillow is great for a mother that wants to get a bit of sleep while the baby is sleeping too, but doesn’t want to move from the sofa or any sitting position.

Soon your friend will realize that being a mother is a full-time job and sooner or later, the stress and sleepless nights will start to overtake her normal behavior. Great and thoughtful gifts like flowers and practical solutions to both her and the baby go a long way in showing you care for them both.

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