Uniquely You Touch Up Kit by Mia Mariu Review

The holidays are pretty much upon us and sometimes we have to change our look from night to day. Your makeup look should reflect the event you are at. So many different Christmas parties to attend and it can be hard to make sure you have just the right look. It is also nice to give a gift to someone who wants the perfect look, but does not want to carry around their entire makeup bag everywhere they go. Look to Mia Mariu to help you out.

I think I have mentioned before how much I love Mia Mariu products. They make makeup easy and beautiful, and for me that is a must. I do not know a lot about makeup and I always mess mine up, but since trying Mia Mariu products I can have an amazing look and they make it so easy with their great products. Right now I think my two favorite products are the Hydrating Stick Gloss and the Uniquely You Touch Up Kit.

I have already reviewed the Hydrating Stick Gloss in another post so in this one I will tell you some about the Uniquely You Touch Up Kit. Have you ever been out and right after work you were heading to a party, but you had to make that stop off at home to change your makeup because it would take more than one product to pull off the look? Or perhaps you had to lug all your makeup to work with you so you could take a stop off to do all the work on your face before heading out? That is to much work for me so one look would have to settle for the whole day, but not anymore!

With the Uniquely You Touch Up Kit you get one compact with a mirror and it has everything you would need to give yourself a unique eye change or a perfect smokey eye. You also get a great face powder that can give you great dynamic looks or double as a finishing powder. There is also a blush that will finish off the look perfectly!

The compact is cute, I love the outside design. It also has everything you would need to not lug around a bunch of products on the go when you are in a rush. I love it and it is in my purse pretty much all the time now, never know when your going to need a touch up or a makeup change! This can be done quickly and for people like me with kids and little time it is really a great product!

So this holiday use this for yourself or give it as a great gift for a friend who lugs around loads of products to get just the right look!

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