Unique & Meaningful Gifts For The Mom Who Has It All

Your mom is usually the person who is the biggest female influence in your life. You may have butted heads when you were a teenager, but as you get older and especially when you become a mom yourself, you learn just how valuable your mother is. She may be the light of your life, your favorite person and the voice inside your head, but buying a gift that is worthy of your mom? That’s not easy.

It’s always the case that your mom deserves their own island, with a butler to wait on her and peel her grapes before fanning her in the sunshine. The thing is, your budget can often just about stretch to flowers and a scented candle, so the island is out, and she already has everything anyway! Gift-giving for some people is about functionality over anything else, because it’s so much nicer to give a gift that can be used rather than be left in storage for years on end. The other criteria for mom gifts is beauty: your mom deserves to look and feel fantastic. With that in mind, check out the unique gift ideas below that your mom will love.

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Most mothers teach their daughters that jewellery should come from the man that they love. However, sometimes mom needs a little bling from you, such as this infinity Name Necklace, to remind her that you are the light of her life. Whether you choose something subtle or something sparkly doesn’t matter, just choose something to fit her amazing personality and you’ll be onto a winner.


This one comes with a territory and should only be considered if there is something that you know your mom wants. For example, if your mom loves to be a hostess, she could love this slate cheeseboard where she can label all the appetisers on the board and serve it to guests. It’s a great conversation piece, right?

Spa Treatments

You may not have the budget to stretch to a weekend at an actual spa, but you could put together a basket of the best spa goodies, loofahs and soft towels that your budget could stretch to. This can make your mom so happy, as she can pamper herself. Tread carefully here because some people don’t like to receive bathroom gifts – know your audience!

Wake Up Lights

Moms out there who are into health and beauty will know the meaning of a good, well-rounded night of sleep. You need to be the person to maximize on this and you could help her to hack her own wake-up rhythm. This light can help your mom to wake up with the sun that she sets every morning rather than be jolted awake by a noisy alarm!

It’s so important for you to know the things that your mother would want, as what she wants wouldn’t be the same as someone else’s mom. We only get one mom, and while you may not agree with everything together, she should still be showered in gifts.

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