Turn That Garage Into The Ultimate Home Studio

When it comes to DIY repairs or renovations, a garage conversion is one of the biggest you can accomplish. We’re always looking for ways to maximise on space in our own homes. Whether it be because we need to store away another box of old toys, or we just haven’t gotten around to conducting that yard sale yet, or if it be because we need a little of our own space in a packed house. Either way, turning to the garage when it’s in disuse is one of the best home solutions we can come up with, but it takes a little more preparation and planning than we first think.



What to Do With the Car

Let’s face it, a lot of us who manage to get our hands on a house with a garage rarely use it to store the car away. We prefer to keep it out on the driveway so it always be used readily, and if it’s a convertible that can get wet in the rainy season we can buy covers to keep it safe in storage.

With that in mind, we can use the garage to make some more space in our home at little cost to our car’s health, and be guilt free about not using it for its intended purpose. As soon as we know we have the floor space, we can get planning for all the best bits!

A home is going to have a lot more value to it than a car, especially when it has a converted garage element to it. In high priced metropolitan areas, you can rent out the spare space for a lot more dollar per month, which can help pay for the car upkeep if you’re that worried about where it’s going to go.


What to Do With Everything Already in There

In the same way that we often don’t use the garage for the car, we usually store a bunch of boxes and miscellaneous items in there for ‘later’ use because we believe we still need them. Let’s be fair, sometimes we do, but a lot of the time they can be easily gotten rid of.

Having a good clear out both looks and feels good for ourselves and the house. You can pocket a little extra money from yard sales or ebay auctions, get some brownie points and community feeling from donating to charity or the next door neighbor, or find other uses for everything you have tucked away. Old teddy bears? You could start your own repair shop; you know your kids will want old Theodore as soon as they see them again!

What Studio Ideas Work Best

We don’t always want to keep the garage as a storage space, but we can combine that with other ideas when we install something like ceiling storage. Have a bunch of boxes overhead that can be easily removed and hold fast out of the way of everything else and you still have yourself a storage system that won’t interrupt your daily workings.

So when it comes to making a studio, you have a lot of creative freedom to work with. However, to make the most of your space, try and use a wall length desk. This keeps space use to a minimum by pinning the surface into the wall, and means you can set up a computer and plenty of seating space. You’ll still have room for a coffee table on the other side of the room, perfect for an afternoon 5 minute puzzle break!

A home studio can serve a variety of purposes, and sometimes we just do it for the aesthetic, as having everything cluttered the way it is doesn’t do anything for our mental health. If you like making things look pretty, get a chest of drawers to keep old clothes and those winter coats kept away from moths in a stylish way, and you can give the furniture a lick of white gloss for a more glam look. Similarly, get a station in the middle of your space if you’re building up a craft room, and give yourself a heightened area that’ll allow you to cut, stick, and paste with your kids to your heart’s content. It keeps the kitchen free for food needs only, the way we want it at the end of the day!

You can even put some windows in the ceiling, as this provides ample light when it comes to designing or painting, and all the nice hobbies we can get up to when we have the time and space to during the day. When the kids are at school, it’ll be a dream to set up shop in your new garage.


Get Some Windows in Your Door

You can do away with the garage door entirely and make it a non entry point with floor to ceiling windows, or you can be a little more practical about it and install a new garage door that includes windows in its design. This way, you can still get the car in if you really need to, and opens up a whole new avenue of home design when you have kids, as sneaking in Christmas presents and surprise parties is made a lot easier!

Keep an eye out for these kind of options, and don’t go straight for the first paneled door you come across, despite their nice design. Using providers such as tip top garage doors, you can find plenty of new doors that’ll keep your garage as a functioning space, and at a good deal.

Having a home studio without using up a spare room when you really need it is an unappreciated trick. When you’re a homeowner, you can do whatever you want with the space; you could even build an extra garage space outside if you have the room for it! Hopefully some of these ideas gave you some inspiration for your next big home improvement project. If your garage space bothers you, renovate it!

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