Trim-endous Tips For Cutting Your Child’s Hair

It can work out extremely costly getting your child’s hair cut. Even though many professional hairdressers don’t charge as much as they do when they cut an adult’s hair, it can still work out expensive. So, there’s no wonder that many parents have considered trimming their child’s hair themselves.


Some people don’t think that they have the right skills to cut hair and that they will end up making a big mess! Thankfully, though, cutting hair isn’t that hard and you aren’t necessarily going to make a mess of your child’s hair even if you have never done anything like this before. You just need to follow these great tips.


Take Things Slow

If you are new to cutting hair, it is incredibly important that you go slow. By taking your time, you can carefully consider exactly how you are cutting the hair and the shape that you are creating. It might also be worth taking a quick break once your child starts to complain. That way, you won’t start to rush or get stressed, which could force you to make some mistakes that are hard to fix or cover up!

Ask A Stylist

If you are particularly nervous about trimming your child’s hair, you can always ask a stylist for some tips and tricks. Next time you are having your own hair cut, don’t be nervous about asking them about the basics of cutting hair. I’m sure that most stylists will be happy to chat about their trade! However, a stylist may not be willing to give away all of their secrets. After all, they need to make money from their trade and can’t give away everything they know!


Invest In Good Tools

If you invest in the best possible tools for the job, then you will find that you end up doing a better job than if you had cheaper equipment. You can buy hair cutting shears in quite a few shops but before you buy you should check sites like to see which are really worth it. You should also buy a water spray bottle so that you can wet your child’s hair while you cut it. If you are cutting your son’s hair, and he likes it particularly short, you might also want to get some hair clippers.

Watch Some Videos

If you take a look on, you will find a lot of different videos that show you how to cut and trim hair. When you watch the videos, you will see the best technique to cut a child’s hair. You should watch a few different videos as many times as possible before you start on your own child’s hair so that you can get comfortable with how it should be done. This is especially useful if you want to cut a new style into your child’s hair.

As you can see, cutting your child’s hair isn’t actually that difficult. It just takes some practice to get used to it!

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