Transforming A Plain Porch Into A Summertime Paradise

When you think of the ideal family home, the porch always fits there in the image. Few things better evoke the image of relaxing in nice weather and enjoying the sights of the neighborhood with a cold drink and your family by you. However, sometimes when people get a porch, they’re not sure what to do with it. Here, we’re going to look at how you turn it into the summer haven you’ve always wanted.


Make it more inviting

Curb appeal is important. Not just in order to keep up with Joneses, as they say. It adds real value to the home and can make that porch much more inviting for you to actually spend time on it. So, instead of making it rigidly fit the rest of the home, why not add a dash of color that makes it pop, instead? Don’t be afraid to create a scene with it, either. If you want to evoke the nostalgic feeling that a good porch can give, little additions like old-fashioned garden furniture, vintage toys, and other ornaments can make it pop visually.

Make it a place to relax

A porch is best served, however, when it is actually fit to relax in. Your choice of furniture can be the deciding factor in how much time you actually spend out there. Choices like are a well-loved classic and make it easy to just wile away the hours there. If the roof is sturdy enough to support it (and you should test this before you commit) a porch swing can be just as good, too.


Make it useful

Perhaps you don’t have as much of an interior entrance, perhaps it’s already being used, or perhaps you don’t like the idea of having to continuously clean. Whatever the reason, creating an exterior mudroom can add a lot of usefulness to the porch. You don’t need a lot of space, just enough to hang heavy coats, somewhere to leave boots, and maybe room for a bike. This can be a perfect addition for the family that’s a little more outdoor-oriented in their interests, or just live where there’s a lot of dirt paths or long grass the kids enjoy playing in.

Make it a hobbyist space

If you love gardening, then you can take that love up on the porch, as well. Not only do vertical planting options like suggests add plenty of that aforementioned curb appeal. Using planters, hanging baskets, and such also allows you a greater diversity of plant-life than the complicated intermingling of a garden might allow. It’s a lot easier to prune and clip plants as necessary, and it can even  make them much safe from some pests. If you garden as a hobby, then the porch might well be the scene of your masterpiece.

Your porch can be your place to relax, to indulge in a little controlled gardening, and even to have a bite to eat. Even better, it can be all of the above at once, so stop letting it languish.

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