My Tot Clock Review

My Tot Clock

Holidays are coming and we are all wanting to be as prepared as possible for them! I really enjoy picking out practical gifts along with not so practical gifts for everyone on my list. Sometimes kids are so hard to shop for because you never know what they have.

A more practical gift this year along with something even their parents [or you as a parent] will love! My Tot Clock is something that will help any kid in learning the time. It has an alarm for bedtime, waketime, naptime, encourage & discipline. I not only helps kids, but parents too.

For bedtime & naptime there is a cartridge that is included that can play bedtime stories and songs to help get your little one to sleep. It also glows a nice blue to serve also as a night light for bedtime & a light blue at naptime. There are several cartridges to choose from for different songs and stories.

My Tot Clock

When the alarm wakes up your child it plays an optional happy song to get them up in a really great way. They won’t be woken by a blaring alarm but a really soothing sound. I found it to be very cherry.

When using it for discipline reasons it will glow a bright red. You can set the timer for any age appropriate time. I go with one minute per years of age for my children and I know plenty of Mommy Circles do too. So set the timer and then when time is up it beeps and turns a yellow color.

The encourage timer is great for having your kid read for a certain amount of time or perhaps you want them to clean their room for a set amount of time? It is great for anything that encourages them and set the timer. I liked to use it for having my daughter practice writing for 10 minutes a day and reading for 30 minutes a day. It works great and glows green during the time.

My Tot Clock

There are great ways to personalize your My Tot Clock. You can get new faceplates & Tot Clock Treasures, these are the cartridges with different songs and stories. I know my kids really enjoy having things their own way and certainly a way for them to know what is theirs. Each of my girls have their own personalities and I love nurturing that.

One great thing about this product is the fact that it is made by a mom for her kids! I think products like that are the best. It was something she wanted for her kids and since she could not find it, she made it. So this is a great product she uses for her kids and now I use for mine. This is a great clock for anyone with little ones to help them know when it is time to be up and when it is time to go to bed.

I know the key with getting my children to bed is being consistent. Sometimes we go to bed a little later, but the routine stays the same. It helps them know “Hey, its bedtime… Mom means business.” So I think in that, this clock will help many parents to give their kids the consistency and routine that they crave.

Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.



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