Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror Review

My husband is one tricky man to shop for. What do you get the man that has everything? He is one lucky fellow… he has me! All jokes aside, he is one tough cookie to shop for. I am always looking for something new and imaginative. Something that would surprise him.

He always shaves before his shower, which I tell him it is easier to shave after. Though he likes to shower off after shaving with shaving cream, he says it just makes him feel cleaner. So when I stumbled upon Toilet Tree Products and saw they had a Fogless Shower Mirror, I thought this was the perfect gift for him! He got to use it before his deployment and he absolutely loved it.

It makes it easier for him to get a closer shave and be able to shower off after using shaving cream. He enjoyed the ease of use and the fact that when the mirror was placed, it didn’t fall off. There are also no chemicals that need to be used to keep it fogless. There is a reservoir on the back of the mirror you fill will hot water, and it keeps it from fogging up in your shower.

There is also a squeegee and a shelf that come with the mirror. If droplets get on the mirror you can easily squeegee them off and the shelf make a great place for my husband to place his razor. It is a great product that has everything you would need for it. The shelf I found to be an excellent perk to the mirror and the squeegee is built right into the shelf! How neat is that?

Now that he is gone on deployment I find myself also using it to wash my face, and as he is considerably taller then I am I was worried I would have to move it. You are able to move the mirror so anyone can use it! It is so simple to move that you can move it when you need it. I really liked that fact so him and I don’t have to fight over who gets to have it at what angle.

I am glad my husband enjoyed it and I do too. I do not need to wash my face looking into a mirror, but I do anyway! My husband on the other hand needs a mirror to shave and I love that he can do that in the shower now!

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