Tips On Keeping Bathrooms Clean In Your Establishment

If you own a business where the bathrooms are regularly used by staff or customers, it’s essential to keep them as clean as possible. This can be a difficult task, especially if you own a bar or restaurant and can’t always be at hand to make sure your bathrooms are clean. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that you can take on to make your life easier, and you bathrooms cleaner whatever your business is.



Mirrors gain streaks and fingerprints very quickly, especially if people are standing near to them often or they are above sinks where splatters could occur. There’s a really simple way of getting them extremely clean and less prone to streaking: rubbing alcohol. Clean off any marks with rubbing alcohol and then continue to clean the mirror as normal with your window cleaner. They will now be less likely to obtain streaks and marks; therefore making your life easier. A simple clean like this should only need to be done once a day.


One of the worst jobs for anyone to do is to clean a toilet that multiple people have used. Whether it’s you cleaning the bathroom, or whether you’ve hired a cleaner make sure that rubber gloves and masks and available for use to prevent the spread of germs and a hygienic clean up.

When it comes to urinals, we all know that if there’s any splash-back, or the bowl is missed then you’re going to end up with a nasty puddle on the floor. Not only is this a falling hazard, but it can lead to horrible lingering smells in your bathroom. Consider getting urinal screens for the urinals. These prevent splash-back and also give off a lovely scent; therefore making your life easier when it comes to maintaining a clean bathroom.


Sinks get grimy quickly due to the use of hand soap building up inside the sink and also people touching the sinks throughout the day. A great way to ensure that your sinks aren’t messy is to switch to liquid soap for your customers or staff to use. Not only is it more hygienic, but there won’t be any soap scum left around your sink.


The floors in your bathrooms will need a regular once over multiple times a day to keep things fresh and clean. Unfortunately, floors are among the most dirtiest places and are more likely to become dirty than many other surfaces! A steam mop will make your job easier, and also allow quick drying so that people can continue using the bathroom. They are also among one of the best ways of ensuring that your floor is as clean as possible, as they eliminate and kill bacteria and germs.

Remember when you’re cleaning flooring to display multiple wet floor signs to warn people and prevent falls from happening.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your bathrooms are lovely and clean!

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