Tiny Bathroom? Try These Clever Design Tips

Do you struggle for space in the bathroom? For many households, it’s the smallest room in the house, which makes it difficult when it comes to designing something that looks great, feels relaxing, and is an attractive and appealing space. There are, however, a few things you can do to improve on your space, make the most out of it, and ensure you are never left facing mountains of clutter. Let’s take a look at some smart design tips for smaller bathrooms.


Get used to decluttering

First of all, any small space can look overwhelmed when you have a lot of your stuff on show. To make tiny bathrooms more appealing, you should make sure that there is no clutter anywhere. If you have cupboards, use them, and you can also think about investing in some metal, free-standing corner units for storage purposes, too. If your bathroom is minuscule, consider fixing shelves to the wall outside. While it isn’t ideal, at least you will be able to breathe and feel like you have some space when it comes to having a nice, relaxing bath.


Use the walls

Most bathrooms have more free space than you might think – try looking upwards instead of at eye-level. Mounting cupboards high up near the ceiling will give you more room lower down. Try some glass-layered shelving with metal frames to lessen the impact on the eye, or try to make better use of your wall space by introducing thin, floor-to-ceiling units. If you are feeling practical, building a custom made shelving unit is pretty simple to do with some basic DIY skills, and should save you a small fortune.

Invest in small fixtures

When you start putting in showers, toilets, sink units and baths into your bathroom, it doesn’t take long for space to become a premium. So, think carefully about sizing and space when it comes to buying basic bathroom fixtures. For example, a shower bath combination will save you a little space – and if it’s a second bathroom, you might even be able to lose the tub if you have one elsewhere in the home. Free standing sinks take up less space than setting on into a unit, too – and there are also space-saving toilets that fit into corners, which are well worth investigating.


Lighten up

Dark colours are going to make your bathroom feel smaller, so always go for whites and lights. That said, an entirely white bathroom can feel a little chilly in the winter, so think about adding splashes of colour and personality to the room to bring in a bit of warmth. Shower curtains, painted bathroom units, and even some bright and colourful bathroom rugs can make a big difference.

Mirror, mirror

Finally, using mirrors in your bathroom design will help make the room feel a lot bigger than it actually is. Mirrors create a kind of illusion that adds depth and makes things appear larger than they really are. If a huge mirror is a little too much for you, try using small mirror tiles, instead, which will still give you the spacious effect but also breaks up your reflections.

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