It’s Time To Talk About Your Basement

Okay, it’s time to talk about one of the most forgotten and underused rooms in your house; the basement. This is the room under your house that’s usually dark, cold, and used for pretty much nothing. It’s fair to say we don’t really like going down into the basement. I’ve seen enough horror films growing up to know that the basement usually leads to trouble. Alright, that’s a bit of a joke, none of us truly believe something bad will happen in the basement, but it’s not a very attractive room to go into. Especially when you’ve done nothing to it, and it’s just an empty stone cave.

So, why don’t we talk about changing that and getting more out of your basement? After all, you’ve been blessed with a significant chunk of extra space that your home might desperately need. If you remember this article here, I mentioned how space is important if you want a happy family home. No one likes feeling cramped, and using your basement as a fully-functional room can help free up space for everyone.

Understandably, you might be staring at your basement and wondering where on earth to start. Bearing that in mind, I have a few suggestions to help you decide what your basement is going to turn into.


Lounge Area/Games Room

Turning your basement into another lounge area or a games room isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s probably one of the most popular basement renovation ideas. It’s great for giving your family an extra room to have fun in and relax. Especially if you have an open plan living room with your dining room and kitchen also part of it. In designs like this, you can often be left wishing your living room was separate.

You’ve got so many paths to explore with the room design here. Naturally, comfort should be your main focus. Fill the room with comfortable seating that everyone can sit in and chill for hours on end. Bean bag chairs, like the ones seen here, are a fun idea as they really give off that chilled out vibe to the room. As well as this you need to have a TV, obviously, and then any other things you might find fun. Maybe get a table tennis or pool table so your kids can have fun playing down there? Or a dartboard on the wall? The options are endless, it all depends on your budget.

Utility Room

Practically speaking, a utility room is one of the best things you can turn your basement into – if you don’t already have one. Some homes are lucky enough to have a little utility room where their washing machine and tumble dryer is, while others don’t. This leads to you having the washing machine and dryer in your kitchen, which takes up way too much space. Seriously, the space those two appliances take up is enough for two large cabinets. This can clear things off your counters and give you more surface space when you’re cooking.

So, I think turning your basement into a utility room is practical and can also make chores easier too. There may be enough room for a washer, dryer, and your ironing board. This means you can do everything in that room and you haven’t got to clog up space in your bedroom or living room with an ironing board. Plus, you can keep things down there like your vacuum cleaner too. As you can see here, you can really make this room stylish too. All in all, it’s a winner for you and your family.

Basement Bedroom

Do you have two children that constantly fight because they have to share a bedroom? Furthermore, is their bedroom twice as messy because they’re sharing it? If you want to reduce arguments in your house and make life more comfortable for your children, then a basement bedroom is a great idea. This article here talks about different reasons your children should have their own room, and it’s worth a read if you’re debating it.

This is arguably the easiest room to design out of all the ones mentioned so far because it’s just based on your child’s tastes. If they’re an older child, I’m sure they’ll have a long list of things they want for their room, including colors, flooring, and anything else. Believe me, older kids come prepared for this type of thing, particularly girls. The main benefit of all this is that you get an extra bedroom for your home, which provides you with more space.

Storage Room

Last but not least, we have the most boring option of all; a storage room. Yes, there’s nothing fun to be gained from this room, but it’s still way more effective than wasting all your basement space. Creating storage space is an issue for most households, which is why people resort to whacky ideas like these By using an entire room for storage, you can free your house of so much clutter.

Honestly, it will feel like you’ve moved house entirely. The difference is extraordinary when you give your house a proper going over and move things into the basement. The key here is to keep it organized, or else your basement will just become a clutter haven. You should have a proper storage system in place, almost as though your basement was a warehouse! There are a few basement storage advice tips here if you’re interested.

To end this piece, I’ll just say a couple of things. Firstly, before you take on any home remodeling project, have a read of these mistakes to avoid Secondly, start getting more out of your basement by turning it into something different and new. As well as giving your family more space to be comfortable, it will also add an extra room to your home, which can help it become more valuable.

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