How to Throw a Big Family Party in Style

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We know that we don’t really need much of an excuse to get together and have a good old knees up, however sometimes there are times when we get exactly the excuse we need. Whether it is a spouses milestone birthday such as a 50th or 40th birthday. Or perhaps you are heading towards a big wedding anniversary it can be incredibly exciting to have a big shin dig to look forward to. When it comes to organizing big parties however, it is not always easy to know where to start, so follow our simple tips on how to go about throwing a top party for all your family and friends.

Choosing a Theme & Sending Out the Invites

One of the best things about a big celebration is that it is a great excuse to get everyone dressed up and to really go to town with party themes. Have a think about what you or your loved one really likes, or something that is really special or funny to you or them and think about how you can somehow tie that into a party theme or dress code.

Once you have decided on the theme then you can start to get creative with the invites. Technology obviously being one of our favorite things, we would definitely recommend trying out some fantastic  e-vites, if you haven’t already used them. They are really easy to use and are the fastest way to get party invites out on time and to get fast RSVP’s.


If you decide to do the catering yourself then there are a few extra things that you are going to need to consider in order to take on the food preparation in the lead up to the party. A common mistake of doing all the catering yourself is underestimating the amount of refrigeration space you are going to need to keep all the food fresh. Therefore you will need to look for a company like M&M Refrigeration to provide you with extra fridge space to keep all your food fresh. It is also uncommon to underestimate the amount of preparation that goes into preparing food for large amounts of people so it is advisable to ask for the help of friends and other family members to ensure you don’t end up taking on more than you can handle.

Best Party Apps

As we are all about the gadgets and technology we can’t cover a post on party celebrations without talking about the best technologies that will really make your party go with a bang. Firstly download an app like Pro Party Planner to help you stay really organized throughout all the organizing and lead up to the party. Reach out to friends for help using the awesome app PitchIn which will allow you to divide up to-do list and party preparation chores between your family and your closest friends.

As you can see with just a little forward planning, a little help from those around and a little bit of technology thrown in you can be celebrating a fantastic party with your family and friends in no time at all.

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