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I really love the holiday season, with the snow and all the time of being with family together. Wrapping up  beautiful packages to put under the tree and enjoy watching your loved ones unwrap on Christmas morning. Taking the time to find thoughtful gifts for everyone on your  Christmas list. My list is always growing with new addition and I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect gift for everyone. One of my favorite brand of games to shop for is ThinkFun, and this year I will be giving out Balance Beans to a few of my nieces and nephews!

ThinkFun Balance Beans

This game is different, because it is a solitary game. I have played this with my kids and we end up doing it together or taking turns. It is a really neat seesaw logic game that incorporates elementary algebra in play. It is not necessary to do any math equations, but some kids may welcome the challenge. It helps kids learn physics as well. I am a big fan of learning while playing. If it is fun, kids are more likely to learn doing it. As a home schooling mom, I welcome all concepts such as these.

My oldest really enjoyed playing Balance Beans. I think mostly because she really enjoys math, which to me is weird. I was never very good at math, but she just thrives on it. She loves seeing how to place the beans on the seesaw and then trying to make sure that the rest she adds, keeps it level. She enjoys doing it while I am cleaning the kitchen or while her sister is napping. Sometimes she needs help and other times, she just loves showing me how she pulled it off. When I try to play some of them, she giggles and then insists on helping me. Those are moments I will always cherish with Bean.

Balance Beans comes with: Game tray and base, 3 single beans, 3 double beans, 3 triple beans, 40 challenge and solution cards, instructions, and a game go bag. You put the game tray and base together, to make the seesaw. You pick one of the cards and it shows you how to set up the beans on the seesaw and then it shows you what beans to add. The trick is to get those beans on there and making the seesaw balance. It is really fun and challenging!

So I recommend adding this to your list for anyone over the age of 5, it brings learning into a physical and fun form for kids! Plus, I have fun with it too!

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33 Responses

  1. Avatar Joely Smith says:

    What a cute game! We got out kids into games early on and to this day my now adult kids will come for family game night. This is a great way to get young kiddos started loving games!

  2. This looks like such a fun game! You could play it with the whole family and they would enjoy it!

  3. Aww this is cute. Perfect game for rainy days.

  4. What a fun and challenging game for kids to play. Children really learn faster while playing, and that is a fact.

  5. Avatar Jennifer says:

    Balance Beans looks such a fun game! I love how the kids have to use critical thinking skills for this game. Combining fun with learning is a great way to teach children.

  6. Avatar tara pittman says:

    This is a cute game. I love how it teaches kids balance.

  7. Avatar Kimberly C. says:

    What a fun game. Perfect to keep kids busy…and big kids like me too.

  8. Avatar My Teen Guide says:

    This is so cute and unique game. I would love to have this for my children. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Avatar Vyjay says:

    This is a nice game. It keeps the children occupied and also stimulates their thinking.

  10. Avatar andrea says:

    What a cute game! My daughter is at the age where she is enjoying games like this, so I am adding this to her Christmas list!

  11. Great post! This looks like a fun and cute game. My 8 year old will love this.

  12. Avatar Misty Dawn Nelson says:

    Wow, these are so great and a good game with my son. I love this

  13. What a cool learning aid that’s actually a toy! This is sure to be a hit with kids, I’m assuming!

  14. Avatar Crystal says:

    What a cute game! Would love to play it with the whole family. My kids would love it!

  15. Sounds like a good game for my family, I bet they love this too

  16. Avatar Echo says:

    This looks like such a fun game. I love games that promote learning as well as fun!

  17. Avatar Elizabeth O. says:

    What a fun way to allow them to learn about math! I like giving gifts that help kids with their learning and this is perfect!

  18. Avatar Milica Momcilovic says:

    My son is going to turn 5 in March next year! Maybe it would be fun to teach him some math with this game.

  19. Avatar Dana Vento says:

    It looks so cute games, My kids would love this i will share this to them. Thanks for sharing this.

  20. It’s good to practice a child’s skills and knowledge through play! They don’t even know they’re learning along the way, which makes it even better because they’re having fun!

  21. Avatar Amber Myers says:

    This looks like fun! My daughter would enjoy it.

  22. Avatar Rosey says:

    That looks fun. Beans always find their way into games, don’t they? For generations past and generations to come I’m sure. 🙂

  23. Avatar Fiona says:

    I’d seen this game and had been considering buying it for myself. Would you say it is suitable for adults, like their Rush Hour game is? Or would it be too easy? I like things to be challenging and enjoy a good puzzle 🙂

  24. Avatar Jen says:

    Nice game…. Looks like a fun activity for me and my kids….

  25. Avatar Krista says:

    What a fun way to teach kids math. I think I am going to get this for my youngest daughter! I love that it is a game that she can learn from.

  26. Avatar Ellie says:

    This is such a fun way to help kids learn maths. Board games and games that engage little ones are the best way to help them learn.

  27. Such a great post, this would be perfect for my two boys and a great way to learn more about their Math lesson

  28. ahhahaha omg!!!! iwant these soooo much! they look like such epic fun. ahhhhhh have to find them asap

  29. Avatar TColeman says:

    This is such an adorable game. They have so many unique ones that it can be fun for hours!

  30. Avatar Bismah says:

    This is a really cool looking game! I am all for toys and games that promote learning while having fun at the same time.

  31. Avatar MJ says:

    Love games that help kids develop new skills and learn.

  32. That’s a fun way to teach little ones about balance. My daughter might be a bit too little for this but I can see my son having fun with this game.

  33. Avatar Michelle says:

    My kids will surely love to play this game. They will learn how to balance.

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