Think Disney Store, When Shopping This Valentine’s Day!

In my home we are HUGE Disney fans. When I was a little girl, I ran out 2 VHS tapes of The Little Mermaid. I watched it so much, I have not seen it in years and still know it word for word. This is just one instance of how much I have loved Disney since I was a kid. My children also enjoy anything Disney immensely. I love stories with a great plot and I love the idea of true love. My husband knows me well enough that anything with Jack and Sally or Mickey and Minnie win me over BIG TIME! He wants to win on Valentine’s Day, so he knows to shop at the Disney Store if he can. There are plenty of items that he can choose from. Practically a one stop shop for him, with plenty of options!

I for one love cute jewelry that I can wear everyday of the week. A lot of the items my husband has gotten me, mostly before kids, is too nice to wear everyday. So I like things like the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Icon Necklace. It is adorable and has Mickey and Minnie together, the oldest love story! The quality is nice and it suits everyday needs. A constant reminder of the gift and what it stands for, love that lasts through the ages. It is polished chrome with red jewels for Minnie’s bow, a chain link chain, and a lobster claw clasp. The red jewels make this necklace really pop, It is adorable and sweet.

Those who know me, know my closet is full of graphic t-shirts. I have a handful of nice tops meant for nice occasions, but the everyday goes to graphic t-shirts. I have a ton from the Disney Store, that I adore. This makes perfect sense that I would love one for Valentine’s Day! I love the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Icon Text Tee. It is simple and makes an adorable gift that says it all. You want your love to last forever. What better gift then to say it with Mickey and Minnie? The quality of the shirt is great and the graphics are well done and won’t flake off after a couple washes. Having the text and icons to the side is a nice change to normal shirts and the V neck give it a great feminine design. I would love to get something this sweet and practical on Valentine’s Day.

I am a pretty practical person, I don’t typically like to get things or buy things that I can not use daily. That is my personality and many others like things that are constant reminders of the thought you put into their gifts, on a daily basis. Both of these items can be used on a normal day and show off what you gave them. Disney Store is a great place for a ton of meaningful gifts. Get these great items or look for his/her favorite movie, you can find just about anything for any Disney movie. Put some thought into the gifts you give this year and surprise them with something from the Disney Store.

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