Things You Can Do To Make Your Computer Run Faster

Taking care of a computer is more and more of a task these days. With such a huge and fast move into technology, people can seem crazy over their mobiles and apps. However, this is for a good reason! Computer technology gives us an escape, it lets us do tasks easier, and holds everything we need to know when our minds can’t. Yet sometimes because of this, a computer’s performance is incredibly slow. So what can we do to solve this? Here are a few tips.

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Get Rid Of Any Programs You Don’t Use

Sometimes there’s a lot going on in the background you don’t know about. Open task manager and see everything that’s running that’s using up your performance, and then trace them back to their source in the uninstall programs area.

Similarly, consider the type of internet browser you want to use. Download one that uses the least memory with temporary internet files, as these are what can clutter up your system the most.

Use Your Operating System’s Disk Cleanup

This mainly works on Windows systems, which won’t be too much trouble for users considering it’s the most popular OS in the world. However, no matter your operating system, they will usually have an inbuilt cleanup tool which can take care of a lack of room for you.

You usually go into settings and then find your system tools, and from there run a disk cleanup. Disk cleanups clean off those aforementioned temporary internet files that we download all the time without knowing, so make sure this is one of your first ports of call before anything else.

Install A Gamer’s Graphics Card

It might not even be the amount of memory you have on a hard drive that’s your problem. A lot of programs these days are made to run at both 1080p and at 60fps. Installing a new graphics or video card is gonna get you a lot more use of your computer.

They also have faster GPU capability, which takes pressure off of your CPU and frees up a lot of room. If you have a lot of games on your computer, whether for you or the kids, having a graphics card that keeps them running at optimum level will save your computer and your sanity.

By design, these kind of heavy duty graphics cards like those for gaming systems have a lot more capability than any others, so they can help a lot of other tasks as well. It’ll help your system to run at the standard of 60 frames per second, and makes modern gaming a whole lot better when you need to immerse yourself properly.

So these were just a few tips on what you can do to help your performance issues in the tech department. Technology maintenance is a bit of a trial and error situation, so switch up and clean off whatever you can from your PC that won’t affect how it works…except to speed it up of course!

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