Is Television Rotting Our Children’s Brains? These Shows Suggest Otherwise

How many times have you tried to put a limit on the amount of television your kids watch? In the modern age, it would be almost prehistoric not to have a television in the home. In some ways, it wouldn’t even be fair. A lot of the way children interact now is to talk about shows they’ve watched. Yet, none of us like the idea of our kids rotting in front of the television. It’s an impossible situation.

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But, is their time in front of the set as wasted as you think? It is, of course, important for them to get plenty of fresh air. Going out and about helps them experience the world in the most practical sense. But, those shows they watch may not be as bad for their brains as you think. In fact, the majority of kid’s shows are crammed full of life lessons you’re sure to want your children to learn. So, it may be time to loosen the reins. For proof, we’re going to look at the morals hidden in a few of the top kid’s shows.

Spongebob Squarepants

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He lives in a pineapple under the sea. That’s right; it’s Spongebob Squarepants. This show is a bug bear for parents everywhere. It seems like the mindless drivel we want to keep our kids away from. The song alone is enough to rot our brains. What’s it doing to theirs? Perhaps not as much damage as you think. In fact, behind its irritating facade, Spongebob carries morals we all value.

Spongebob himself is actually just the type of role model you should want for your children. He’s upbeat and positive about every situation, he’s a great friend, and he has an incredible work ethic. I’m sure you’ll all agree these are qualities we’d like our kids to see.


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In the anime stakes, lessons don’t get much better than those seen in Naruto. After falling foul to a foxy demon at birth, Naruto starts the show as the underdog. He’s bullied, misunderstood, and a bit of a nightmare. But, through the series, we watch as he takes control of his destiny. He overcomes the bad path laid in front of him to become one of the most respected warriors. He also overcomes the prejudice of all those around him and goes on to help others do the same. If your kids aren’t watching this, they should be.


Running since 1996, Arthur is the longest-running animated show for children. One watch of this will be enough to show you why. The show follows eight-year-old Arthur as he overcomes insecurities, argues with his sibling, and solves a myriad of problems. With the help of his friends (in case you hadn’t guessed, friendship is always important in these shows)
Arthur traverses a variety of lessons which are sure to help your kids prepare for life . Even better, he does so in a lighthearted and upbeat manner. So, I say hey; it’s a wonderful kind of day….

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