Teaching Our Kids To Love The Outdoors

As time progresses, more and more children are becoming addicted to the technology in our homes. They’re glued to tablets, stuck in front of the television or have their hands clamped to smartphones. Whatever gadget they have in their possession, it’s replacing time that could be spent outside. There’s a lot that we have to be grateful for when it comes to the tech items which can help to alleviate boredom or help out with cognitive development, but it shouldn’t be an alternative to the outdoors. There’s a lot that can be learned from just stepping out into the open air, as well as it being healthy and good for both children and their parents alike.

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Get Cycling

Kids love to go faster than they’re meant to, which means that bikes are a perfect option for them to zip from A to B. This will be able to give them a sense of independence when they’re older and are needing to get to their friend’s houses, but in the beginning it is helping them out with something a lot more physical – their balance. It’s great to be able to give them a trait that will be able to help them out so much in later life. If your children are too young to be able to ride a bicycle, you may need to add stabilizers until they feel comfortable enough to set off without them. Alternatively, if they’re really too young to get on any form of bike, you could consider investing in a bike trailer until they’re ready. You can find the perfect bike trailer online; you’ll need to take into account how many children will be riding in it, your budget and the terrain that you’ll be riding on. This is an introduction into the cycling world, but also gives them a great ride out and some much-needed fresh air.

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Start Orienteering

We rely on GPS way too much nowadays. If we’re lost, we simply go onto our smartphone and tap in for it to point us in the right direction. However, go back a decade and things were very different. People had to rely on maps and a good sense of direction to get them to where they needed to go. Your children don’t have to go to scout camp in order to learn the basics of map direction. If you’re not too sure yourself, go out and learn together; there are some great guides on the internet about how to start orienteering. It’s best to start in a place that you’re familiar with in order to be able to guide yourself out safely.

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Go On A Nature Trail

There’s so much to see outdoors, and a lot of it is hiding in your garden. There are bugs to be found, birds to be spotted and plants to identify. Make it your mission to go out and put a name to everything that you find. It’s both fun and educational, and a fantastic and informative way to spend a day.

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