Stubborn Stains, Be Gone!

When you have children, you will know that stains are one of the many banes of your lives. There is nothing worse than finding out one of your kids has stained their new top or pair of jeans! And, more often than not, no matter how many times the clothing article goes in the washing machine, there is no way a particular stain is coming out.

Are stubborn stains starting to get you down? If so, then read on for my awesome tips that can banish stains for good!

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Invest In A Garment Steamer

Sometimes, prepping the dirty garment before it goes into the washing machine is a good way to loosen the stain and make its removal much easier. You can do this with one of the garment steamers featured on the Steamer Spy website. This steamer looks like a small vacuum cleaner. You simply fill it with water and turn it on. Place the steamer head onto the stain, and all the steam should loosen up the stain on the fabric.

White Vinegar Is Your Best Friend

Did you know that you don’t need to buy expensive stain-removal products? In fact, you will probably already have one of the most effective stain removers already in your kitchen cupboard – white vinegar! If you make a weak solution by mixing some vinegar with tap water, you can dab this onto a stain. The vinegar should lift the stain out of the fabric. It’s a good idea to do this before you pop the item of clothing into the washing machine.

Use Soda Water In An Emergency

There is nothing worse than spilling some red wine or a dark sauce onto you while you are eating out at a restaurant! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to apply any stain removers until you get back home. But there is something you can use in this kind of emergency situation: soda water. If you dab on some soda water to the stain, it won’t remove it completely, but it will help to stop the stain soaking into the clothes. The bubbles in the water can also help lift some of the water off as well.

Use Toothpaste On Grass Stains

One of the most annoying stains that parents have to battle with is the dreaded grass stain! If your kids love to play outside in the garden, then you might be faced with these on a daily basis. But as long as you have a spare toothbrush and a lot of toothpaste at home, you can quickly sort them out. Simply use the toothbrush to scrub some toothpaste into the stain. After you’ve applied the paste, you can wash the garment in the washing machine as usual.

Sure, stains can be a real pain in the neck! But now that you have all of the above tips, you are now well equipped to deal with them quickly and effectively.

Do you have any other great stain tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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