How To Stream Netflix On Your TV Without A SMART TV!

Netflix is by far and away the best streaming service out there. Not only that, but it has a Kids section which makes it ideal for the little ones to watch when you’re too busy to entertain them.

The only problem is that you sometimes want to get your kids together in the living room so they can all watch Netflix on a big screen in one place. But, if you don’t have a SMART TV with the app installed, you may think you can’t do this.

However, you’re wrong! Here’s a quick guide to teach you how to stream Netflix on your TV:


Get Your Internet Sorted

This is an absolute MUST for all moms out there. Especially if you’re like me and you like to take part in many online activities. I’ve got this website to run, but I also love streaming things – like Netflix. And, I’ve learned that if you want something to stream properly, then you need a good internet connection. I’m lucky in that many of the internet providers near me offer fiber broadband, so we get a super fast connection that never buffers. This means the kids will never go in a mood because their favorite show keeps freezing all the time. So, before you think about doing anything else on this list, test your internet connection to ensure you can actually stream things on Netflix in HD. If you can’t, then it’s worth looking for better internet.

Connect Your Device To The TV

The second step is simple; connect whatever device you’re streaming Netflix onto your TV. There we go, article over, enjoy!

I’m joking, of course! There are many ways in which you can connect your devices to your TV, it all depends on the device you’re using.

Connecting A Laptop To The TV

With a laptop or computer, there are a few different ways you can approach this. There are two cable-based methods, involving either an HDMI cable or a VGA cable. Personally, I prefer using HDMI ones as they’re just easier to find and you can disconnect the one from your Blu Ray player, saving money. All you have to do is connect your device via either cable, to the TV, and find the correct input signal. It’s really that easy!

Connecting A Tablet/Mobile Device To The TV

If you’ve got Netflix on a tablet/mobile device, then you can often purchase cables that connect to the charging port of your device but have an HDMI connector on the other end. This makes it easy for you to hook it up to a bigger screen for your kids


Buying A TV Dongle

Alternatively, you could purchase a TV dongle thingy like Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. These things plug into the USB port on your TV and have Netflix already downloaded and ready for you to use. This makes it so much easier for you to stream it on the TV for your children to enjoy.

Plus, with things like Apple TV – which isn’t really a dongle – you can wirelessly link other Apple devices to stream to the TV. So, you can fire up your iPad, start streaming Netflix, and click an icon in the top right corner that automatically mirrors what you’re watching on the TV connected to Apple TV.

Follow this advice and your kids will be able to watch Netflix on a big screen!


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