Strange House Smells : Pets Compilation

Your home is supposed to be the place where you can relax and be yourself. So, naturally, you want your home to be as comfortable and inviting as possible. And this typically means a clean and spotless area, because ultimately who can relax in the middle of a messy environment? But beyond cleanliness, there’s also the need to address all these weird smells that come to disturb your peaceful home. A bad odor is the indication that something is going wrong and putting your safety bubble of peace and joy at risk of bursting. In a previous article, we’ve described the most common types of unpleasant smells for a pet-free household. Here’s an overview of the obnoxious odors that pet owners might have to face.

Remember to wash your dog regularly

A reminder

But, first of all, being a pet owner, doesn’t mean that your home is safe from malfunctions. For instance, a rotten egg smell can be an indication of an emergency, either from blocked pipes or a gas leak. A sick smell can the sign that you’ve got a dead creature rotting away, maybe under the floor or in the walls, or a dead mouse left by the cat under the fridge. Beware as well of fishy smells, which may come from an electricity issue, and damp smells which can lead to mold formation.

What’s that doggy smell?

Dogs are cute, sweet and loving. They also have a terrible habit which is that they enjoy rolling outdoors. Mud, excrements, garbage, puddles of stagnant water. It’s rare that you see your dog rolling in the garden and coming back smelling as fresh as a bunch of roses. In fact, wet dog smells and foul odors are likely to be the result of their roll obsessing. The easiest way to get rid of it is to wash them – following the advice from to make sure you pick the right product. And make sure to dry your pet if you want to avoid wet hair everywhere.

Soiling the home

A strong and acidic smell is the first thing you notice when your pet is marking their territory indoors. Dogs and cats tend to develop this habit when they feel nervous or get old. If urinating is the result of a medical condition; you will need to ask your vet for advice. As for marking their territory or reacting to fear, it’s something that you can train out of your pet with a lot of patience and understanding. Finally, cats tend to react negatively to a soiled tray, so make sure to keep it clean to avoid accidents!

Bringing presents

Last, but not least, cats have been seen to bring present so their owners. Alas, not every feline is as cute as this sweet little cat on that brings flowers! Most cats bring dead or injured animals – some of them you might accidentally discover under your furniture weeks later – which is an unpleasant gift. As it’s a natural hunting instinct, you can’t train your cat out of it. But you can train them to leave their gift on the doorstep instead of inside!

Hopefully, you are now fully equipped to tackle most of the unpleasant smells from your darling pets. One last piece of advice, though, is that you shouldn’t punish your pet for any bad odor. Instead, praise them for their positive behavior, such as urinating outside for instance.

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