Strange House Smells: Getting To The Source Of Those Obnoxious Odors


Does your house smell? Do your visitors make a hasty retreat after stepping through your front door? Is your relaxation time impeded by the obnoxious odors that permeate through your home? Do you spend ages looking for the source of those smells, but come up with nothing? Then we have some advice for you. There could be any number of reasons why your home smells, and we have some of them here. No amount of air fresheners is going to cover these nasty odours, but you should be able to get to the source and remove them with our help. So, without further ado, let’s find out where those unpleasant smells are coming from.

Sickly smells

Here’s one to turn your stomach upside down. If you have noticed a sickly smell coming from a certain part of your house, you may have a dead animal lying somewhere out of reach. Under your furniture, beneath your cupboards, in your air ducts, or behind the walls, there could be a dead mouse, rat, bird, or some other such creature that has passed away on your premises. Before you plan the funeral, there are other things you need to get on with. First, try and hunt down the dead critter yourself. When you have discovered it, follow these tips for safe removal. You might consider calling out pest control as well. If you have a dead rodent on your hands, it may be part of a larger infestation. It’s time to seal up those exits!

Rotten egg smells

There are a number of reasons why your home smells of rotten eggs, not least those eggs that have been sitting in your refrigerator for the last year! If you turn on your taps and notice the smell, you may have blocked pipes. You can buy unblocking fluids from your local store, but if they don’t work, you should call out an emergency plumber to get a better look at your plumbing and sewage tanks. The other issue is a gas leak. The foul odor has been added to the gas as a safety precaution, so your senses do need to be alerted. To be on the safe side, call your gas company immediately and follow their advice. Your life depends on it!

Fishy smells

You don’t have to call out pest control for this one, as it’s unlikely you have an infestation of fish! Still, you should probably check your fish tank to make sure Bubbles is still alive, and if he is, be aware that you have a larger problem. A fishy smell often emanates from burning electrics, so scour your home at electrical sources, and make sure nothing is overheating or melting. From light fixtures to your appliances, use your nose to identify the problem. If you struggle to locate the obnoxious odor, call out the electrician to salvage the problem.

Damp smells

You did remember to dry off your dog when he came in from the rain, didn’t you? You don’t want your pets ruining your clean home, after all. Still, there is another reason why your home smells damp, and that is because of mold. Again, use your nose and locate the source. You shouldn’t have too much trouble, because the problem area will have black mold spores, and the atmosphere in the affected area will be dank. You need to deal with the issue quickly, as mold can be toxic and the spores can affect your breathing. Damp-proof the mold-afflicted room, or hire a mold remediation expert if the issue spreads beyond your DIY efforts.


We have covered some of the common reasons for foul house odors. If you have identified any of the listed smells in your home, you now know what to do. Hopefully, you will regain control of your home’s odors in no time, making your house a pleasant place to be for you, and your friends and family.

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