Steep is the Fun Game to Give this Year!

I love playing video games, and I typically play something a couple nights a week. Possibly more if I have time. It is my way of unwinding and sometimes I prefer laid back games and other times I like something fast paced and competitive, just depends on my mood. I have been a huge fan of Ubisoft for many years. I have played Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, The Division, Far Cry and many more. Usually when I hear Ubisoft, I tend to grab it without thinking. I have yet to be disappointed and there are games coming out soon that I can not wait to try.

Recently I tried out Steep, and it was not what I was expecting. I figured it would be a fast paced competitive game, but it really was not. I found that it was a fairly laid back open world game. You can go around and choose if you are going to wear skis, wingsuit, snowboard, or paraglider. The possibilities are yours and you can just have a great time, or be competitive. I like the element of being able to watch your friends GoPro footage of the fun things they do in steep.

The graphics are beautiful. Just getting to the top of a mountain and looking around, it is breath taking and completely stunning. It seems so close to being real, but as real as I am going to get in a video game! I also enjoy that as you level up, you unlock cosmetic upgrades. I always dislike in games where someone a higher level then you can dominate you on the playing field, just because they have better items. This levels the playing field so you can have a great time with your buddies, no matter your level.

Extreme sports has always interested me, but I am extremely afraid of heights and a I lack any athletic ability. So being able to play a game where I can do some amazing things, I could never pull off in real life, gives me a fun thrill. Just going around the mountain range with my friends and pretending we have mad skills. Enjoying the Easter eggs in the game and seeing the neat things we can do with each option for getting down the mountains.

Steep makes a great game this year for that gamer on your list. Let them enjoy the option of a free range realm with the ability to do extreme sports like they enjoy doing in real life, or wish they could do! Lots of fun and ability to play with your friends on a network. Throw this in a stocking or wrap it up and get it under the tree!

Disclaimer: Ubisoft provided a free copy of Steep that I am featuring in this post. Thoughts are my own. 

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