SteelSeries Sensei [Raw] Heat Orange Gaming Laser Mouse Review

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For a long time when playing computer games I had a shotty wireless mouse, before I learned the power of the wired controller of ANY kind! So I went and bought a regular wired mouse. It was all and good, but lacked that gamer feel to it. I was just using a typical mouse for everyday use.

SteelSeries Sensei [Raw] Heat Orange Gaming Laser Mouse

So my gaming improved by just being wired, but I felt I needed something better. I recently tried out the SteelSeries Sensei [Raw] Heat Orange Gaming Laser Mouse, and found that there really is something special about a gamer specific mouse! The movements that I did with the mouse reflected in the game at even a smoother and quicker rate. I am able to be much more precise in a game than ever before!

I have heard about some mice that you had to download a whole thing before even using it. I tried it just by plugging it in and playing and had a flawless gaming session. I later downloaded the SteelSeries Engine and it gave me loads of options for customization and programming buttons, along with setting up the sensitivity of my mouse. I like it being pretty sensitive, but not TOO sensitive. Yes, I am pretty picky!

It is an attractive glossy black with orange, and did I also mention it can light up? The wheel, CPI indicator, and Logo can light up. You can pick and choose what you want lite up, or nothing at all if you prefer. I love getting to pick how I want my hardware to be. It gives it that personalized feel!


This mouse gives you a wide range of options in customization and program-ability [Yes I just made that word up… I think]. It is a sleek look and can light up! It has very precise movements that make my gaming unlike it has ever been! I love that when I move the mouse a certain way it does the same in the game I am playing! I am a huge nerd with customization and SteelSeriesreally gives me that with all of their products! For a pretty decent price of $60 you can not go wrong getting this mouse!

With the Holidays sneaking up on us around the corner it is time to start thinking about what to get those people in your life! You have a gamer who is hard to shop for? If they love computer games than you really want to think about getting this mouse for them. It is something that they can customize and use for a long time! So get the SteelSeries Sensei [Raw] Heat Orange Gaming Laser Mouse for under that tree this year!

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