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Do you have someone you are shopping for this holiday season that loves to play mobile games? Do you think that they would love to have a controller to help them navigate those games? Than you may want to get them the SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller! It makes a great stocking stuffer as it is smaller and comes with a case to keep it handy and safe! You can not go wrong this holiday season getting them this very versatile controller!

SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller

It works with iOS, Android, OS X & Windows! It can work just about anywhere for anything. Things are always changing and with this handy little wireless controller it makes it possible to play those mobile devices along with even your PC if you choose to. The battery life will last for 10 hours of solid play or for more casual play it should last about 20 hours.

The controller layout is very standard to most controllers so there will be very little in the learning curve for someone learning this awesome little controller! If you want to have support for PC play you need to download the SteelSeries Engine, and it will also allow you to remap the controller to how you, or that person you are getting it for, wants to play it!

This controller is small and compact so you can take it vertually anywhere with you. It also comes with a little bag to store it in to keep it free from getting beat up. I really loved the little bag! The controller also has Bluetooth connectivity so you will always be connected to your devices!

It gives you freedom to play on virtually any Phone, Tablet and PC/Mac!


It is a great product from SteelSeries yet again! Versatility to game virtually anywhere and anyplace, and small enough to have it travel with you on a daily basis. The battery life is truly long! I do quiet a bit of mobile playing and it lasts for as long, and even longer, than I do! It is a great product for a decent price! Something great to slip into a stocking this year, or perhaps even grab for yourself! 😉

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