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I have small children and with that I sometimes have to be quiet. or be sure they do not hear something I wish them not to. So I use headsets all the time. I want good quality when I am gaming and communicating with my friends. There are so many out on the market right now and it can be a bit of a challenge when trying to choose a good pair.

SteelSeries 5HV3 Headset

I like to have ease of style and of course not having a mic in my face all the time, because sometimes I am just listening to music while I am writing reviews or doing research online. Other times I am on a raid with friends and communication is very important. I found ease of use with the SteelSeries 5HV3. They were a simple design with comfort. Not just that I was also able to put that mic away in the headset when I was just watching videos or listening to music.

You ever want to use something other than those ear buds that come with your phone or tablet? I know I do! I want something with optimal sound when I am watching a movie or some videos on YouTube on my phone or tablet. I do not want the outside world to distract me from that. With the 5HV3 it comes with a swappable cable system to be able to use your headset with the PC, Mac, Phones & Tablets!

So you have somewhere you need to go and want to take the headset along, but you dread trying to pack the headset? Do not fear that! You can have it come apart in 3 parts! Makes for easy packing and travel! I think that is a huge win when sitting in the airport and not having a lot of room in my bag.

There is also In-Line control on the cable! You can control the volume and even mute your mic with ease!


I think with a nice decent price of $80, this makes a great addition to your gaming hardware! You have ease of use and comfort! You can use it for more than just gaming and it is always great to have something that is versatile like that!

With the holidays just around the corner, you may be having some trouble thinking of something to get that gamer in your life. This is a great bargain in price and with all the great features available! If they love PC gaming or want optimal sound when watching videos on even their phone or tablet, this is something great to put under that tree this year!

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