How to Start Treating Your Blog More Like a Business

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So you’re a blogger; you love getting your opinions out there and knowing that some people read them gives you a bit of a thrill, but now you want more – you want to turn your little ole blog into a fully fledged business. Is it possible? Absolutely. Is it easy? Definitely not!

Turning your blog into a business takes a lot of time effort and determination, but it is possible, you just have to start treating your blog more like any other business. Here are some quick tips to help you do just that:

Find Your Unique Selling Point

Every successful business has a unique selling point – that one thing that makes them stand out from the rest. For Apple it’s the simplicity of their designs for Coca-Cola, it’s the idea that drinking their product will lead to a good time. What is it your blog does that make sit stand out from the crowd and scream for attention? If you can identify it, you can capitalize on it by doing more of it and using it to sell your product (your blog) to more people.

Invest in a Better Blog

You might think that applying for a business loan for your blog is not necessary, and you might be right in thinking that it could be difficult to get one for that purpose, but if you want your blog to be more like a business, you need to start treating it that way, and that means that you need to invest in it. If the bank loan is a no-go, use your savings or try crowdfunding, but find the money to at least revamp your theme, make your website more mobile friendly and do a little search engine optimization. This is the least you need to do to make your blog more attractive to an audience.

Market It

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There are few businesses that ever succeed without doing any marketing at all, so why do you think your blog is any different? You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you probably should take the time to do a little content marketing and perhaps pay for some Facebook ads as a minimum. The more exposure you can get, the better it will be for your blogging business.

Work on It Daily

When you start a small business, you have to work very hard to build up the momentum so that you don’t have to work so hard. It’s the same with blogging. In the early days, you should be adding content to your blog daily, tweaking your format so that it is more appealing and making efforts to market your work wherever possible every day. If you can’t or won’t do this, then chances are your blog will sink below the competition and you won’t make very much money at all.

If you, at least, do these things, then your blog will start to feel more like a business, and you will have a fighting chance of turning it into a thriving concern that allows you to make a living doing what you really love.

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