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As a gamer, I love having an advantage in the games I play. If I am playing an RPG or an FPS, it is important that I bring my A-Game. I enjoy playing all genres in gaming, and I trust KontrolFreek to give me the advantage I need when it comes to my gaming preference. They have something for everyone, no matter the game you play or if you play PS4 or XB1! I love having an advantage in Overwatch, Call of Duty and I also love the ease of use when I am playing Skyrim or Fallout 4.

This spring KontrolFreek is launching two new products that I want to share with you:

GamerPack Alpha includes 2 sets of Performance Thumbsticks. You get the low-rise that increase comfort and the mid-rise that give superior grip and control. The great part about KontrolFreek thumbsticks is the ease of adjustment. You snap them on and play in seconds. I find them easy to add to my controller and I enjoy that the Gamperpack Alpha gives you two different sets that can be used for all of your gaming needs. You receive a wider range of motion with these thumbsticks that also decrease wrist and hand fatigue while playing, making them perfect for long gaming sessions! I have really loved using these while I play Grand Theft Auto V, Destiny and Overwatch.

FPSFreek Edge are an excellent choice when playing FPS games. They increase your range of motion by 120.8% with the XB1 and 142.3% with the PS4! 75% of FPS gamers have experienced an increase in their KDR while using thumbsticks by KontrolFreek, these numbers are impressive. Not just that, the dual-height combination allows for quicker target acquisition and precision. This set includes a high-rise FPS hybrid and a low-rise Alpha dome that will give the ultimate advantage in accuracy, comfort and grip. This set was laser-etched for exceptional grip and comes in a striking blue color.

I trust KontrolFreek to bring me the latest and greatest when it comes to helping my gaming. Does not matter if I am going heavy in multi-player or just enjoying an FPS or just playing with friends for fun. No matter what I am looking for, I can find it at KontrolFreek. Been using them for years and have even gotten most, if not all, my friends a pair to try for their level or interest in gaming. They have never looked back!

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