Splash Through These Home Pool Problems

There are so many reasons why homeowners decide to add a pool to their property. Firstly, it’s a great way to cool off in the summer. Just dive into the water and splash around with your family to forget about the uncomfortable heat! Secondly, adding a pool will greatly increase the value of your property. However, the pool won’t have that much of an impact on your home’s value if you simply leave it over the years. You need to ensure that you are continually maintaining it so that it doesn’t run into one of these very common home pool problems.


Heater Issues

Even if you live in an area that benefits from year-round sun and hot temperatures, you will still need a pool that has a heater. Even if you think it’s hot outside, the water might not be very warm! However, pool heaters can be quite detrimental at times, and you will probably have to carry out some repairs on it over the lifespan of your pool. More often than not, heater issues occur when the heater gets clogged up and blocked. To try and prevent this from always happening by keeping your pool cleaned and the heater equipment regularly serviced.

Pump Problems

As swimming pool pumps are made up of a lot of moving parts, you will probably have to buy some pump spare parts so that you can quickly fix any issues as they arise. Some smaller pump issues, such as a leaking pump or one that stops moving water can be fixed on your own. However, if you encounter a larger problem, like an overheating motor, you will have to call out a handyman or pool specialist to fix it.


Chemical Problems

You will need to add plenty of chemicals to the water in your pool so that it stays clean and hygienic. However, when you are mixing different chemicals together, you can quickly develop a problem. If left for too long, chemical issues can become quite complicated, and you might have to call out a professional to help you out. Even if they don’t need need to carry out any work on your pool, they can give you some great pointers on how to deal with the likes of excessive algae, a buildup of scale, or foaming.

Filter Issues

It’s important to continually check the filter to make sure that it is always cleaning the water to the highest possible standard. Thankfully, it is very easy to spot whenever there’s a problem with the filter – you’ll notice that the water gets super dirty really quickly! Normally, cleaning the filter will be enough to fix the issue. If it doesn’t seem to help, you’ll have to call a pool specialist to help.

If you spot any of the above problems or issues quickly, then they should be very easy to solve, and you might be able to fix things on your own. However, if you find it difficult to get to the bottom of any pool problems, you will have to call your local pool specialist as soon as possible.

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