Smart Home is a Smart Investment: How Technology Can Make Life Easier at Home!

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Technology is moving forward at an alarming pace, for example just a decade ago smartphones didn’t even exist- today ninety five percent of Americans own one of some kind. Thanks to to accessibility of the internet over the last couple of decades, we now have incredible technology to make our lives easier in many ways, and one newer development is the release of ‘smart home.’ This technology allows us to control various things around the home with our phones, or via voice activated speaker. Connected homes are set to become more and more popular, and it’s strange to think at some point in the not so distant future we’ll forget how we ever managed without it.


Connected washing machines, ovens, kettles and coffee machines along with others are now available for the public to buy. This is very new technology and so you can expect to pay a pretty penny for it at this stage though, so it’s worth thinking about how badly you want it. These incredible devices can be set to work from your phone, meaning you can pop on the kettle or coffee machine ready for the moment you step in the door, or check the progress of your robot vacuum cleaner from work. Some have a simple on/ off feature- never worry again if you’ve turned the oven off when you’ve left the house! Others will have more information to control and view. If you’re keen to get on board and it’s worth the money for you then go for it. Within the next few years, this technology will be more widely used and cheaper so otherwise you could hold out until then.


Turning your lights on and off with an app might seem like a bit of a pointless novelty, however from a home security point of view it’s incredibly useful. Been delayed at work and won’t get home until after dark? Don’t leave your house with the lights off like a sitting duck to thieves, switch them on via the app. Perhaps you’ve rushed out of the door in the morning and can’t remember if you switched off the bedroom lamp or the bathroom light. Simply do it in the app. If you go on holiday, lights and lamps around the home can be switched on and off to give the impression that someone is home, which will deter any burglars who are keeping an eye out for empty property.


Speaking of security, smart home can integrate well with your homes security and help to keep your family and possessions safe from intruders. You could hook up a home security monitoring system to an app, alerting you if alarms are set off or security cameras are triggered. There are lots of smart home security features you can get on board with to make protecting your home more simple.


Anyone that runs a home will be well aware of how expensive it is to heat, and chances are your fuel bill is one of your biggest expenses- especially at this time of year. Smart home heating really helps to put you in control of how much you use. It’s all well and good setting it to come on with a timer,  but what happens if you’re late home one evening or decide to stay out? The house is being heated up for no reason. Using an app you can easily turn it on and off and track exactly how much you’re using.

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