Skylanders Giants Review

Skylanders Giants

I have this love of having gaming stuff out, you know, to show off. So when I stumbled upon Skylanders Giants, I was in heaven! Not only do you have these adorable figures you can sit out, but you can play them in game. Who can not love putting those two things together? I know I love it, and you should too.

Skylanders Giants PS3 Starter Pack

I tried out Skylanders Giants on the PS3 and instantly was in love. It is published by Activision and developed by Toys for Bob. This game is available on the Wii, Xbox, PS3, 3DS & PC/Mac.  It is for ages 6 and over and is just amazing! I have the Starter Pack and it comes with 3 figures, The Portal, and The Game.

The figures included with the starter set are Jet-Vac who is with the Element of Air, Cynder who is with the Undead Element, and Tree Rex who is with the Life Element. There are 8 Elements and to explore the entire game you will need one figure from each element. The Elements are Air, Earth, Fire, Life, Magic, Tech, Undead, and Water.  You will not lose anything from the actual game without all the elements. In fact, you can play the game with JUST the Starter Pack.

Skylanders Giants Tree Wrex

To start playing the game you just have to have to place a figure on the portal. If you feel like changing the figure you are currently playing, you can just take that off and add the one you want at anytime. It is quick and easy, no hassle! I know some games it is not quiet that easy to change characters, but with this it is. I love the neat opening for each character as you place them on the portal.

With Skylanders Giants, you can play co-op! I always love playing with friends & family, so this was a huge plus for me. You simply plug in another controller and add a figure to the portal! Walla! Then both characters are on the screen and you can have a good time playing together! You could also battle against one another, which is a lot of fun as well! See who has the more powerful character.

Skylanders Giants Tree Wrex Combat

Each figure you own will remember their level and upgrades. So if you go to a friend’s house with your figures, you lose nothing. This adds so much more fun to the game, to be able to just take them wherever and know they will still be YOUR characters. The figures will also go cross platform! So if you are at home playing PS3 and want to go to your friends house who has a Xbox, you can do that. All you will need is your figures when heading out the door!

If you have the first Skylanders, you can play with those figures on the current game. You can not play with the new figures on the old games, but you can use the old figures on the new game. I think that is a huge plus, because who would want a new game when you HAVE to get all old figures. Each game has a different color bottom to the figure. Green for Spyro’s Adventures and orange for Giants, so you can keep track of which goes to which game.

Skylanders Giants has made a great addition to my video game library and I have already collected EVERY Giant. I love the game and really enjoy playing it. I find myself replaying levels to unlock everything I can. I really love the figures and being able to play them in game. I like to sit them out on display and it makes for easy access when I am playing.

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