Simple Steps To Create A Spa-Like Experience In Your Bathroom

When you have a family to take care of, it can often feel like you have no time for yourself and your needs. This is something that a lot of parents feel at one point or another, and it is completely normal. The fact is that parenthood is not easy, which is why at times the stress and strain that comes with it can feel totally and completely overwhelming.

From time to time, every parent needs a bit of a break. While a spa is an ideal place to get the time out that you require, it is not always doable to spend a whole day at a spa. So instead, why not transform your bathroom into a spa-like space that you can use as and when you require a break from the realities of daily life?

To make more of your bathroom and transform it into a spa-like space, read on and take note.

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Plush towels and robe

If there is one thing that fancy spas always have, it is plush towels and a thick, comfortable robe (and slippers). If you don’t already have some large, plush towels and a bathrobe and slippers, now is the time to invest in some. The softer and cozier your towels are, the more spa-like your experience will feel. To keep your towels soft and cozy when washing them, don’t forget to add a splash of fabric softener to every wash.

Add a speaker

Spas always play wonderfully soft and soothing music. While you could buy a relaxing sounds CD, it makes more sense to downloads an array of sounds, from calming music to natural sounds like waves breaking on the beach. That way you can download a selection of different sounds and play whichever ones are the most soothing. Of course, to be able to do this, you will also need a speaker – ideally, this should be a waterproof one so that the steam doesn’t have an impact on it.

Incorporate scents

Relaxation is all about the senses. It’s not just about what we see and what we hear, it is also about what we smell. Did you know that there are some scents that spas tend to use as they are more relaxing than others? To add an extra sense of relaxation to your bathroom, make sure to incorporate the right scents. This could be via scented candles, wax melters, incense, or by a scent diffuser which you can click here to learn more about. The best scents for relaxation tend to be rose, vanilla, and lavender, however, everyone is different and finds different scents relaxing, so it is important that you find a scent that works best for you.

Put together a ‘pamper hamper’

For those times when you are in need of a real pamper, it can be useful to have a ’pamper hamper’ already in place. Put together a hamper (or drawer) of relaxing products that you can use to pamper yourself whenever you are feeling stressed out. This could consist of anything that helps to relax and calm you, from bath bombs and floating candles to massage bars and herbal tension relieving balms, like Tiger Balm, for instance. If you get sore, aching feet, adding a home foot spa could be worthwhile doing.

There you have it, everything that you need to know to transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like space.


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