Where Has The Shark Rocket Complete Vacuum With DuoClean Been All My Life?

I have worked from home or been a stay-at-home mom since my oldest has been about 2-years-old. This has meant I am the one in charge of the majority of the household chores, while my husband leaves the home to work. I am constantly trying to find easier, better and faster ways to do my chores so I can just have fun with my kids. I would much rather be outside, doing a craft or playing a game with my kids then doing chores. I hate a dirty home, so skipping chores is never an option and vacuuming is my least favorite chore. That was until I tried the Shark® Rocket® Complete vacuum with DuoClean™! 

I have a bad back, and vacuuming has been a bane on  my existence since I injured it. The motion of the vacuum along with it being heavy puts stress on my back and then moving furniture does not help either. I have had the same vacuum for about 6 years, and it has served its purpose and I knew it was time to try something new. This lead me to Shark Rocket Complete Vacuum With DuoClean. Unboxing and assembly was a breeze to get started, as you will see in the video below. The first thing I did was vacuum my entire floor with my old one before trying out the Shark Rocket. I then swept my entire floor again with the Shark Rocket and was blown away at what my old vacuum had left behind! I was a little grossed out to be honest. My floor LOOKED clean, but the Shark Rocket showed me otherwise.

How to store the vacuum!

The next thing I wanted to do was test it out on different types of floors. You can use this on flooring and on carpet! This was a big selling point for me as it will keep me from using something else or having to switch to attachments that have me bent over getting all the bits off the floor. It picked up everything on each type of flooring. I barely had to use the attachments at all, it got most the things from against the walls without a change. It also picked up small things, big things and even some stuff that tends to stick to the floor or carpet. I have never seen anything like it.

Shark Rocket has a bristled brushroll and a soft brushroll. The bristled brushroll deep cleans the carpet and pulls out small particles and on floors it brushes big, small and stuck on items by using high-velocity suction. The soft brushroll pulls in high piles and pulls in large particles from the carpet and will get large, small and stuck on particles from flooring. These two brushrolls work together to make quick work of any particles on any flooring in your home. I find it highly magical!

I have a small home, for the time being. So a huge sweeper would take up too much space, and I do not even have a closet to store one in. Shark Rocket will actually hang on the wall and it has all the parts included. Even just sitting in my laundry room it does not take up a lot of space. It has a slim design and with the option to hang it up, can fit in any space available. It is so light weight too and saves me back! The fact I can click a button and dump all of the dirt into the trash quickly and easily is another added bonus for me.

I have spent a lot of time going between a big vacuum and a handheld vacuum. Usually when it comes to stairs or tight places I just use the handheld. With the Shark Rocket it easily converts to a handheld with just a click of a button and then I just snap on the attachment I want to use. Vacuuming the sofa, stairs, or tight spaces has never been easier. It still uses the same suction as when it is standing up. It brings so much ease to my most loathed chore. My favorite attachment is the Under Appliance Wand. Now I can move my appliances and other hard to move furniture less often and know that I have gotten it just as clean under it, as if I moved it.

Shark Rocket

Easily get to those hard to reach places!

This is hands down the best vacuum I have ever tried and I absolutely love using it. It makes vacuuming go quick, easy and I know I am getting a superior clean. I have no idea where it has been all my life! It is so light weight even my daughter can vacuum her room without complaint and she manages to do a spectacular job. No more backaches and amazingly clean floors, I couldn’t be happier!

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