Settling Children Into A New School

As an adult, change can be difficult. Not only do you have to get yourself used to new surroundings or people, you have to adapt to routines you may have set for yourself. For a child, any change can cause unsettlement and upset. Moving to a new area and thus, a new school, can be so upsetting for children – especially when they’ve only ever been to the one school in the one place. They lose their familiarity with the area, which can be extremely difficult to cope with.

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When you want to move to a new area, you will have done all your research about a moving company, the activities locally, the houses and the schools. You can click here for help on finding a good moving company get your things to the new house, but there’s no real way to get the kids ready for a big move – you just have to go for it. A new neighborhood means a new school environment, new friends and navigating a new system. So, how can you get your kids settled with minimal disruption?

  • Visit First. Going to a new school is scary, so making the time to go and visit the new schools in the area once you move can make a huge difference. School administration should encourage this and want to reassure your nervous little ones that they can be there to support them on their first day. You will get the chance to ask any questions, too, and put your own mind at rest that your children will be okay!
  • Learn Routes. There may not be the chance for you to do the school drop off, and if that’s the case, you’ll need to help your child learn their new route to and from school. This means navigating any buses they need to take and checking the times of the school bus pickup, too. There may be children in the neighborhood and other parents you could get to know who can advise you here!
  • Introduce Yourself. You’re in a new neighborhood, and it’s not just new people for your children to meet, it’s about you, too. Go around the new neighborhood and introduce yourself and your family. You never know, there may be children in the same class as yours who live on your street.
  • Communicate. If your children are older, the move may make them feel quite a bit of resentment. They may not want to move away, and this can cause feelings of anger and worry. Sit down and talk to your children and get to the root of their feelings early, so that you can ensure that they feel heard and cared about.

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Moving to a new area isn’t always easy to do, and with children in tow it is all the more difficult. Make life easy on yourself and map out a plan early enough so that you can have everything in place for a simple move where everyone is secure and happy during transition.

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