Saints Row IV Review [Xbox 360]

Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Volition
Release Date: August 20, 2013

Saints Row IV

When I first heard about what was planned story wise for Saints Row IV [SRIV], I was a bit skeptical… okay I was a lot skeptical. I kept thinking “Please do not ruin Saints Row for me!”.  After all of my worrying, it was for nothing! This game is spectacular! There are so many amazing things about it and I am here to tell you all about them!


So the game play brings you lots of features. There is the main storyline of course, which I cannot explain my full excitement about. There is also a ton of side missions including loyalty missions and just a bunch of other things you can do for your homies. Each one gives you a cash flow [Cache in SRIV] and sometimes really neat things, like a weapon or new outfit! It just depends on the quest. Sometimes the missions can get repetitive, but I found them to still be enjoyable as you go through and get different things for each one.

While you play you get to see some cut scenes, probably my favorite things to see in video games. Its like a mini-movie reward for all your hard work! Some games disappoint me, but SRIV did not disappoint me. When a cut scene pops up I am all ears & eyes watching. They are beautifully done and really suck you into the story. They give you a real scenes of the characters and their camaraderie.

Saints Row IV

The voice acting was done very well. You can tell that each person who does a voice in SRIV is very talented. Nothing like ruining a cut scene or a game in general with bad voice acting. One really fun thing is when you take your homies out with you on missions or just to ruin people’s day, you get to hear their banter. It gives you a scenes of how each character is each other when we are not watching. Some of them are really goofy and you can really tell, they would do anything for each other.

When you start up you get to pick how challenging you want the game. Your choices are Casual, Normal & Hardcore. If you are all about the challenge or if you just are in it for the story, you get to decide and you can change this setting at anytime. I of course like things at my own pace and want to enjoy the story, so I picked my setting accordingly. It was challenging enough and I got to enjoy the story. It gave me the perfect challenge I like in a video game. As you go up in settings it gets harder and harder to defeat people. As you basically play a super hero, the harder perhaps the better for some.


I found the controls to be pretty fluid. I did get a tad annoyed with the vibrating of my controller when I would do my super jumping, but that was because I kept thinking “Is my controller going to go out?” Just a heads up, it did not! I just happened to want to super jump everywhere I went. Even with my complaint, it is a good gauge on when your super jump is fully charged. Everything else seemed to be easy enough to learn once you had done it a few times. After you get each power during the storyline there is a chance to test out your powers, and it seemed to be enough to get me familiar with it.


I found the story to be engaging. I played Saints Row the Third and absolutely adored the game and wanted to see what happened to some of my favorite characters. I got to see what happened with each of them and enjoyed some amazing twists along the way. I cannot begin to explain how much I want to give spoilers here, but I will just reel in my excitement and just tell you the story… is AMAZING!

Saints Row IV

It keeps you completely wrapped up in it. I know I was skeptical in the fact that you are in a virtual world, and I had no idea how that would be incorporated into the game without it being silly. Though when you get into it and see the story, it completely makes sense. Aliens take you and put you in a virtual realm and you must “Disrupt the System”, and what that means is you get to wreck havoc everywhere you go. Everything you do in game is to disrupt the system and your goal is to make it short out.

I loved the way that no matter how crazy things get, there is always a reason behind it and it sticks with the story. I am not exactly sure how they allow you to do practically anything you want in the game and have it stick to the story, but it does!Fun Factor

I found the game to be amazingly fun, so this section may be a tad bit long. There are so many things you can do that just are not possible in other games, and it makes it have a huge amount of fun factor!

I really liked in a few missions I did where I would be downloading a virus and I had to fight waves of enemies until it was finished. Sometimes the enemies would have bugged out eyes, goofy stretched out arms & legs, walk upside down or be motionless and just scoot about. It made it hilarious, yet realistic if you think about what you are doing to the system. One time I had to kill 45 Genkis, complete fun!

Saints Row IV

Something else that adds to the fun factor, this is the first time you can romance your homies! Each of your homies have their own cut scene when you romance them. You’re just going to have to romance each one to find out what they are. Though Kenzie’s is by far the one that made me laugh out loud!

Now something for me that makes or breaks a game is customization of your character and whether you can have a female character. As we all know, you can totally have a female president in SRIV! Though the customization is completely amazing regardless of the gender you pick. It is practically endless. Skin colors and hair colors that range from normal to abnormal, such as green! Any hair you can have on a male or female character and that goes for voices as well, imagine having a male President with a female voice wearing chick clothes! Even with you know what you want, you see something new that makes you want to change your entire character again. At least I did, I am crazy about customization and the customization does not end at your character.

Saints Row IV

Have I mentioned I went around 90% of the game with a pink polka dot SMG? I DID and it was fantastic! I always got a nice little giggle out of it. You can customize your weapons in loads of ways and in doing that it can change the way the weapon fires and can change the sound. I spent loads of times switching up the looks of my guns at Friendly Fire. Be sure to check out the different styles for your Dubstep gun, different tune for each color! If you want to continue customizing go ahead and grab some vehicles and deck them out to your hearts content. I made all of mine candy pink, yes I am that girlie. Stop on by your ship and change the way your gang on the street will look like! Ninjas, clubbers, cops, and loads more options.

Should You Get It

This game is amazingly well done and I feel like it is a great addition to my collection. I do not think anyone should miss out on SRIV. Do remember that this game is rated Mature, so wait to have your off spring try this one out!

Saints Row IV

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