Sacred Citadel Review [PC]

Sacred Citadel

So as some of you have come to know, I love co-op games. At the very least I enjoy games with the possibility of co-op options. I do not mean multi-player, I mean cooperative play! I love to play games where you have to work together for a common goal! With Sacred Citadel we had that option, and had a blast playing it.

Sacred Citadel lets you and your friends join the resistance in order to defeat the Ashen empire that has enslaved its population and is using the Grimmoc to wipe out the Seraphim, who swore to protect it. Its a really neat story for this side-scrolling RPG style hack and slash game. You pick one of the 4 characters and go on your way to leveling, mounts & war machines!

You have several characters you can play. I will start by sharing the Warrior, who is really a badass character! You can check out the video above to see him in action! I thought it was a really neat class, though I did not play it. My husband started off with that character and seemed to really have  alot of fun with the weapons you get to play with. The warrior is basically a tank class, always the first one into the fight. He uses all melee attacks that have some massive damage behind them!

This next character is the ranger, and he seemed pretty impressive. Take some time to check out his video above and you can see for yourselves! I love ranger classes, doing massive damage with a bow from a distance. If you do not like being in the middle of the fight, pick the ranger!

Here we have the shaman! You can again, check out a video about her above. Lots of ritual powers that help the players she is with and weakening her foes. Even with her powers she still can deal some massive melee damage. She is a pretty interesting character.

Last and certainly not least, because she was my favorite, the mage! I spent plenty of time with her and had a blast! Don’t believe me? well check out her video above! I loved that she could do spells, but was still really skilled at melee attacks!

Sacred Citadel

I found each envirnment to be visually pleasing and the enemies were skillfully done and that can be hard with a side scrolling game! It goes up to 3 players, but my husband and I just stuck to playing with each other. We went through each level and had a blast, and not everyone was easy! That being said they were not IMPOSSIBLE either. It was a well balanced playing field… if you know what you are doing! It only took me a level or 2 to figure out how to play my character, and that was important to me. I do not like having to spend hours on a character before figuring out how to utilize its strong points!

Sacred Citadel

This was a really fun game that kept me entertained! The music was great and it was a all around fun while challenging me. I loved that it had an arcade feel but was in an RPG style, and with a hack and slash game I had not really seen that before. This game was not a waste of my time and was plenty fun for all of us!

You can get this game on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC through digital downloads!

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