Romantic Birthday Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

What do you get the man who has everything for his birthday when he is so special that you’d get him the moon on a stick if you could? Trying to find the perfect romantic gift for the man in your life can feel like an impossible task. When he has all the tools, games consoles, and books he could ever want, ideas are few and far between. If your mister’s birthday is on the horizon, here are a few romantic gift ideas for him.

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Fan figurines

If you’re both huge fans of Doctor Who, Marvel Comics, or Pokemon, why not get him something to show you appreciate the things you share? If you have a shared favorite Doctor Who actor, a figurine of that character is something that is thoughtful, he’ll love it, and you won’t resent having it on the shelf either. Posters, limited edition DVDs and Blu-rays, t-shirts and other fan merch as also great gifts. They show consideration – obviously, you’ve thought about what he loves while making your purchase, but it also shows that you value your shared interests.


Some men are funny about wearing jewelry, but that’s just because they haven’t found the right style yet. Whether you’re going for a chain or a ring, you need to think about him, his job, his hobbies, and his sense of fashion before you commit – there’s no point buying a gift that you love if he is going to hate it, after all. When picking the best chain for him, consider his skin tone – some people will prefer and suit gold, while others will prefer silver, and this is usually, subconsciously, down to how it compliments his skin tone. If he leads an active life, a chain which is easy to take on and off is best. If he works in a corporate environment, either a chain that will tuck under a shirt, or a ring which suits his line of work, are best. Jewelry can be a really sweet gift, even for a guy, when you get it right.

Event tickets

Is there an event on the horizon which he is particularly interested in? Perhaps a band is coming to town, or there is a theater or sporting event you know he’ll love? Event tickets are an amazing present not just because of the gift, but because of the promise of a great evening out together in the future. They’re basically the gift that keeps on giving.

His favorite scotch

Some people see alcohol as an avoidance tactic when you’re trying to think up gifts, but scotch is definitely an exception. Firstly, it’s utterly delicious. Secondly, Scotland is a beautiful, romantic country, and scotch is definitely a reminder of that. And finally, it’s brilliant because there is such a vast price range that you have a lot of flexibility with your purchase. If he particularly likes a ten-year-old bottle, hunt around for an aged version – it’s romantic, shows effort, and he’ll always think of you as he drinks it.

The key to finding the best, romantic present is thinking about what he loves, and going from there. Use your imagination, and you can’t go wrong.

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