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Rock Candy

I have loads of controllers in my home and each one is a different color. I aim more for pink, it is sorta my thing. Though honestly really hard to find unless I pay an arm and a leg for them. If you want a wired controller, you might as well forget about it. With gaming I really go for the wired as it gives you better performance in the the multiplayer realm of gaming. You may not notice the lag, but it is there. Not to forget to mention when you are playing a game and you SWEAR you hit the button, you probably did but your controller did not register that you did.

So with having my particular preferences in controllers I have a hard time finding what i am looking for. I recently stumbled upon Rock Candy by Performance Designed Products. About a year ago they brought out a set of multi-color controllers for all systems that are wired, with the PS3 you can get wireless if you choose. Since they came out, they have brought out a couple extra colors. If you have a particular taste in color, they pretty much have that for you.

I mentioned all the fantastic colors right? Did I also happen to mention that they are really affordable? They range from $12.99 – $24.99 and for someone on a budget, like myself, that really has a beautiful ring to it doesn’t it?

Rock Candy Xbox 360 Controllers

The Rock Candy Xbox 360 controller is Microsoft certified with the standard Xbox 360 shape. This is a big thing, lots of people do not want to use a controller that they are used to and not have to relearn a new layout. One great part of the Xbox controller is that you can plug it into your PC and play controller compatible games, like Skyrim. I plugged mine in and did not have the same motion sick feeling while playing it and just had a blast. With the wired Xbox controller you no longer have to buy endless batteries or have to charge your controller before you play. The smooth feel of the controller, any color you want, no more batteries, and lag less play. I have to say this is an Xbox controller that will be a permanent fixture in my home.

Rock Candy PS3 Controllers

The Rock Candy PS3 controller is not Sony certified, but I actually love the way it works. I know that a chance in the way a controller is laid out can be a bit of a turn off, but please do not let it. I looked at the controller and thought I might not like it. I put it in and started playing Diablo III, and really enjoyed the way it felt. They have these grooves in the underside that make a nice little place for your fingers to go. Once of the sticks is not in the usual place, but I have to admit it made it easier to use. I later played some Call of Duty and I noticed an increase in my performance, an increase in my CoD performance is huge considering I am no good. You can get the PS3 Controller corded or not, that is totally dependent on your preference.

Rock Candy Wii Controllers

Rock Candy Wii Control Sticks

The Rock Candy Wii controllers are also amazing. They are not exactly like their Nintendo counter part, but they work exactly the same! You can even mix and match your control stick & gesture control to suit your fancy. My daughter is the all knowing with the Wii so I had her try out these controllers and she loved them! I think she wants one of every color. She had no problem learning the different placement of the buttons or anything. She breezed through her favorite games and loved that they had her favorite colors. With the Wii controllers they are also compatible with the Wii U, which saves me a lot of grief since we have both the Wii & Wii U! So if my daughter loved it, and I loved it, I know you will love it!

My official thoughts on the Rock Candy Controllers is that you really can not go wrong with them. With the Holidays just around the corner this makes a great gift for any gamer in your life. Just pick their favorite color and you can not go wrong! They make a great stocking stuffer or something great to put under the tree. If you are a family of gamers you each can have your own specific colors. I know with kids they always have their own particular controller and get bent out of shape when someone else uses them, even if you can not notice the differences for some reason they can. So with the colors it makes it obvious who’s is who’s and everyone can have fun and show their own individualism while doing some of the things they love!

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