The Right Way To Deal With Incredibly Active Kids

Before you had children, what did you want from them? Like many other parents-to-be, the chances are that you wished your newborn would grow to be a bright, energetic, and enthusiastic person who loved life and everything it threw at them. But put that kind of person in the body and brain of a small child, and you have yourself quite the handful.

The reality is that parents with small kids who are incredibly active and energetic are often completely exhausted. The craziness, the constant demand for attention, and the whirlwind of activity that occurs during every waking hour is difficult to deal with, and the chances are you will face plenty of disciplinary issues to handle, too.

The trouble is, you don’t want your little bundle of energy to lose that enthusiasm as they grow. If you only ever tell them to sit down, be quiet, stop shouting, the chances are they will end up in something of a muddle over time. With this in mind, here are some smart tips for dealing with overly active children – let’s take a closer look.

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Defining energy

Energetic children are often the first in the firing line when it comes to trouble in the household, mainly because they are always so obvious. The trick is to define their personality in the right way – they are just full of enthusiasm, not badly behaved.

The importance of exercise

Energetic kids are like coiled springs, and unless you give them enough exercise and activity, there’s no doubt they will play up. If you want to avoid trouble and a constant stream of arguments, it’s vital to incorporate exercise every day. Don’t forget to organize some ideas for when it’s raining or too cold outside – a trip to a soft play center, for example – as these days can often turn into your biggest nightmares!


Wild children crave to be involved with everything and anything. And while you should never place too many expectations on your kids – especially when they are very young – it’s good to show them your trust by getting them involved with chores. It will help them feel part of the family, feel important, and it will burn a lot of energy off, too!

The trouble with toys

The average wild child is often interested in adventurous – and sometimes dangerous – toys and activities, and you have to be careful, of course. There is, after all, a big difference in dirt bikes for kids compared with a basic bicycle when it comes to speed and danger. That said, the chances are that your active child is going to take an enormous interest in faster, stronger, louder toys than the child that is introverted and prefers a good book. The key to dealing with this is to educate yourself, first and foremost, before passing down that knowledge to your little one.

Sport, not TV

Finally, avoid TV as much as possible. Active children often feel mischievous and naughty after staring at a screen for too long – it’s all about that coiled spring again. Instead, encourage them to play sport, give them a good range of choices when it comes to activities, and get yourself outdoors as much as possible.

Good luck – I hope this helps with the exhaustion!

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