Removing Soda – Day 1


Since moving to Ohio from California, I have been stuck in some awful habits. Not only did I struggle a bit with depression when we got here, but I have just been treating my body like garbage. I was running again and felt great, and then the weather turned and running outside is just not something I want to do. I am a sissy, I have not been in cold weather for 10 years! After I stopped running it was just kinda a downhill spiral. I have been eating garbage and drinking entirely too much soda!

I went from soda once a week or less, to having 1 or more a day! I know my Bestie would be rolling her eyes at this, because she has a Diet Coke IV practically installed. To be fair she drinks cans, I am drinking 20 oz. I went from 2-4 a month to 30-60 a month! That is just astronomical for me and I hate it. Not only that it is messing with my sleeping habits. I will lay in bed from 11pm till 5am before I will fall asleep. Insomnia SUCKS!

Removing soda will be an experiment of sorts. I want to see how it changes me mentally and physically. I probably will not do a post everyday, but I plan on one a week for at least the next month and I want to see the changes. I took before pictures and plan to take “after” pictures once a week. I will plop them all together at the end of my experiment. I figure it will be good for myself to see and maybe even help others. I am not saying REMOVING soda completely, but having it as more of a treat.

Drinking soda has almost become an addiction to me, and you may think that is dumb, but its true. Like I am looking for my next “fix” and its not illegal, but it makes me feel great when I drink it… afterwards I feel gross. Perhaps I am overthinking this, but it is how I feel. I feel gross and I want to make a change. So here and now I vow to remove soda from my diet until further notice… I will still be having my morning coffee, and I am expecting some hellacious caffeine withdrawal headaches, YAY!



Proud mother to two daughters. She also is the proud mother of 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a chinchilla. She spends her time with her family and when she has some downtime, she is usually playing video games or taking on a home improvement project.

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  1. Avatar Lucretia says:

    You can do this. Just think of it this way…. see how long you can hold out before you have the next one. Don’t see it as “quitting” see it as “doing without for awhile.”
    It helps.

  2. Avatar Kristin says:

    I totally understand. I know other people who have struggled with this same problem and have overcome it. I even used to drink soda on a daily basis. I have since replaced my soft drink intake with water, 100% juice, and milk (and a little coffee and tea). It really does work best to drink the sweet stuff more like a treat rather than a daily habit. Good luck on your challenge!

  3. Soda is definitely one of those things people can become addicted to hubby can’t have it in the house because he will drink it instantly! I look forward to hearing your updates

  4. Avatar Jeanette says:

    I know a lot of people struggle with drinking soda more than I should. For me it’s sweet stuff. I have tried to cut down. Usually when I try to do is if I’m really craving something I will take one or two bites of it and then put it away. It seems to help the craving and not kill my diet.

  5. I need to do this! It’s what I go to when I’m blogging!

  6. Avatar Athena says:

    It is remarkable how hard giving up soda can be. I am a Diet Coke survivor. I went three full years without a sip of the stuff – then one day I had one and been drinking it ever since again. Now there was a time where the only thing I would drink was Diet Coke but now I usually have one a day and go on with my life.

  7. Avatar Nina Bashaw says:

    I agree, soda’s are so bad for you. There are links between drinking soda and cancer, my main reason for staying away from it!

  8. Avatar tara pittman says:

    My husband lost all his teeth due to soda. Working in restaurants gave him unlimited soda. You can do this!

  9. Avatar Sheri says:

    I wish I could remove soda and sugar from my diet. I did it once for a short period of time and at first it was torture then felt great. Now I am back on sugar. Stay strong.

  10. Avatar Liz Mays says:

    It’s definitely good to cut down on these things. I have a weakness for Diet Cokes! I want to be able to be fine with just sipping on glasses of water throughout the day instead.

  11. Avatar Chloe says:

    My partner is addicted to pepsi max. It is terrible because now I drink it all the time too! It is a hard habit to break

  12. Avatar Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s one of the best decisions ever. Soda used to be part of my diet as well, lol. It’s going to be rewarding once you decide to get rid of it. You’re going to be fine, I know you can do this!

  13. Soda consists of caffeine that has a powerful effect on your brain chemistry. Certain herbs and supplements can greatly minimize these and of course your willingness to quit.

  14. Avatar Jess says:

    Hi! Im getting more healthier too. I cant cut out the soda entirily out of medical reasons, but what I did was blend it with water more and more over time insted. Maybe you could try this at the beginning to make it easier?

  15. Avatar Kelly Recci says:

    You can do it, Soda is one of the reasons why we get wrinkles. Reducing soda is a great decision. It will be good inside and outside for our body!

  16. That’s an awesome choice, soda has too much sugar in it and it would be so beneficial for your health to eliminate soda! I hope you follow through! It’s rewarding!

  17. Avatar Amber Myers says:

    Good luck with it! I personally couldn’t do it. I need my Diet Coke to remain friendly.

  18. Avatar Tyler says:

    The best thing to do is drink flavored sparkling water like Bali it’s like drinking soda without the sugar and calories!


  19. Avatar Crystal Gard says:

    Good luck with this, I am also doing the same right now.

  20. Avatar Amy Jones says:

    You got this girl! Leaving bad habits behind is one of the most empowering things out there

  21. Avatar Holly says:

    Drinking sodas is definitely addictive. I know! I’m TOTALLY addicted to Pepsi! I drink it all the time but not as much as I drink coffee. I could cut back on the sodas easier than I ever could coffee but the struggle is real! lol

  22. Avatar Meghan says:

    Good luck on removing soda. I love to drink sparkling and add a little fruit juice if this helps!

  23. I still have a soda every now again when I need some caffeine or are just craving a soda. I definitely don’t keep it the house though. I also buy a lot of La Croix because it gives me the fizzy tasty I won’t without all the bad stuff. I highly recommend it.

  24. I grew up in the South, and we would drink Coke for breakfast sometimes! I’ve mostly cut soda except for the occasional drink at the movies, and I definitely feel SO much better. Good luck!

  25. Avatar Emma white says:

    Good luck in giving up soda! I agree flavoured water is really nice and refreshing to!

  26. Avatar Vera Sweeney says:

    Good luck removing soda!! It is amazing how fast we can chnage our consumption of something and have it creep up on us.

  27. Avatar Christina Aliperti says:

    This is my addiction as well and I completely understand. It feels so good when you have it and then after it’s horrible – until your next one. Vicious cycle!

  28. Avatar Myteenguide says:

    It is good to cut down drinking soda. Too much of drinking it is bad for our health. You can make it!

  29. Giving up soda isn’t easy. I know it’s hard for me because I love Coca-Cola being that I am from Georgia! I have found other things to replace sodas and stopped buying them like that. Soda is a treat now!

  30. Avatar Ourfamilyworld says:

    Good luck to you! I am addicted to soda before but when I found out the bad things about too much drinking of soda I motivated myself to cut down. Now I only drink sodas occasionally.

  31. Avatar dana vento says:

    Too much drinking of soda can harm our health. Glad to hear that you’re starting to cut down drinking soda. Good for you.

  32. Avatar Kathy says:

    This is such a great thing though. I honestly never liked soda that much. I have always drank water. Soda makes my stomach upset. Good luck to you on this!

  33. Avatar Ashlea says:

    I honestly drink way to much soda. I rarely drink anything else water included. I know my husband refused to get me a soda for 3 days and omg the headaches. Definitely wasnt someone anyone wanted to be around. Dr pepper is my poison of choice.

  34. Avatar Rosey says:

    Wow, you know if you have one or two a day that really can be 60 a month. Talk about instant perspective. You’ve got me immediately wanting to cut back too!

  35. Hope you manage to remove it from your diet soon. I can’t have caffeine myself and it really does make a difference.

  36. Avatar coolchillmom says:

    I have the same addiction. I totally cheer you on your goals!

  37. Avatar CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg soda is one tough thing to kick!! I’m wine obsessed and wine was easier to give up when I was preggo than me trying to quit drinking soda just to be healthier! Soda and all that sugar is addictive lol

  38. Avatar Jaimie F. says:

    Go! Push yourself to the limit. Afterall it will be you who will benefit it the end. Been doing some healthy eating practices too. Hope i could maintain till the end. Haha!

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