The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Setting Up Shop In The Shed

If you’re lucky enough to start making money from your blog, you may find yourself desiring a workspace just for you. Writing at the kitchen table may have served when this was a hobby, but it won’t do anymore. You’re going to need to spend a lot of time on your blog if you want to see continued success. And, that requires more than a quick mess around for an hour once a week. Instead, you need to get focused, and you need the space to do it.

Of course, when you have a family around, even the spare room might not be an option here. As soon as you sit down, it’s likely one kid or another will barge in and try their best to distract you. So, why not take your office dreams outside the house and into the garden?

We are, of course, talking about office sheds and outhouses. These are the best of both worlds. Make your shed a no-go area for the rest of the family, and there’s no reason you can’t set up a full-time enterprise here. There are, however, a few technicalities to consider before you can get this started. We’re going to look at some of them here to ensure you don’t stumble across issues later on.

Can you get connected?

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You can’t work on your online-based blog without electricity. As such, the first thing to do is check you can connect your shed to an electricity source. This is far easier than you’d imagine. In fact, the most complicated part of the job comes from the fact you need permission. You’ll need an electrical wiring permit, as well as electrical safety inspections. But, once you’ve made these arrangements, head to sites like to find out how to get started. Bear in mind that even simple projects carry risks where electricity is involved. If you’re at all uncertain, get a professional electrician to deal with this for you.

Is your structure waterproof?

If you’re making use of an old structure rather than buying something new, make sure to check it’s waterproof before you get started. Roofing issues in sheds and such can lead to leakage issues. These will pose risks to your electricity supply, as well as being plain unpleasant. So, before you set up shop, test your shed when it’s raining. If you spot leaks, contact a company like who can make any repairs necessary. Bear in mind that you want to avoid doing this yourself. Quick fixes do not a long-term office space make.

Will you be warm enough?


Don’t forget that sheds can get pretty cold in the winter months. But, your business keeps going all year round. As such, you need to think about ways to keep yourself warm. You can make use of portable heaters here, but these are pricey. As such, it might be best to concentrate on insulating the space. It’s a fast fix which will make a massive difference to your work-life.

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