PowerLite Home Cinema 500 3LCD Projector Review


Holidays are coming and sometimes you want a really big gift to give out during the holidays. I have one for you that fits just about anyone! Epson makes so many great things, but right now my favorite has to be the PowerLite Home Cinema 500 3LCD Projector. This thing is amazing!

PowerLite Home Cinema 500 3LCD Projector

I got this baby right before my daughter’s birthday, so we decided we would do an outdoor movie as the big event of the evening. I wanted to make sure I had everything set up so we did a dry run with some friends and it was spectacular. I got a desk from the garage we were not using and a power strip. I snagged one of our DVD players and set out some chairs. We popped in a movie and it was spectacular.

I was worried with the street lights it would dull out the picture, but it did not at all. The color was bright and it was loud enough we all could hear. I also loved the ease of use in the projector. It was really simple to just plug in and attach the DVD player and it just started to play. I did not have to fiddle with settings or anything and it was fantastic!

So the night of her party came and we set all the kids up and the new movie she got for her birthday and the kids were ecstatic! They had so much fun and even with them chattering away we could still hear the movie and the picture was clear and beautiful.

Since her party we have been the go to house for movies on the weekends. The kids all set up chairs and we give out some popcorn and it is just a fun evening for all the kids on our street. It is a lot of fun to pick out the movies and set them up.

I have mainly used it for outdoor use on my house, but it works spectacularly indoors as well. If you have a white wall it gives you a clear picture and it also will work wonderfully on a sheet as well. I find indoors you do not have to have the volume so high and that is certainly one perk to using indoors.

Now who would this product be good for? I think anyone that loves movies and even gaming is pretty nice on it! There is HDMI availability, but I just used components and it was still a clear beautiful picture. So this is really a wonderful gift for anyone! I know if I found this under my tree I would be one happy lady!

So wrap this up for the gamer or movie enthusiast on your list this year, it will be their favorite gift!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.



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