Power Rangers MegaForce Review [3DS]

Power Rangers MegaForce

Holidays are incoming and it is time to find the right gifts ASAP! So what do you do? Thats right, you read my blog! Bad joke? Okay well I have one suggestion this year for a boy on your list, but keep in mind this is not a bad choice for a girl either. Any kid that enjoys watching Power Rangers MegaForce may be very interested in the gift idea I have for you.

Power Rangers MegaForce

I have kids that LOVE playing video games and I got Power Rangers MegaForce- Chosen To Save Our World and I handed it off to one of my kids and asked them to test it out. I watched over her shoulder and asked questions and she even let me take a turn beating up some baddies.

My daughter is really into just going through levels kicking but and going on. The entire game was fully voiced, which we both loved. It also had the option of 3D or 2D, but remember if your children are under 7 turn off the 3D options on the 3DS. She tried it out both 3D and 2D and had fun both ways with it.

I think her favorite option was the ability to turn herself into a Power Ranger! She laughed so much and just seemed to have a blast. She had so much fun running through each level and fighting the whole way through. She thrives on those sorts of games and this is what this was. It is a high action game all the way through, fight after fight, so there is no way you could get bored!

This will make a great gift for any kid that enjoys Power Rangers and loves playing fighting video games!

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