Pokemon Go Weekend!

I started playing Pokemon Go September 19, 2016. You would think I was WAY up in levels by now? NOPE! I have children who want to play and who do not have cellphones. They won’t for a VERY, VERY long time, so I allow them to use my phone. They sign out of my account and into theirs and we go Pokemon hunting. I am an adult, and I am saddened by not being able to play Pokemon Go! Is there something wrong with me? No, no there is not! I grew up watching Pokemon and this is just a new age version of what I used to do.

This weekend, I decided that I wanted to do some Pokemon hunting with my daughter. I stole my husband’s phone and took Bean grocery shopping. I would drive to each PokeStop along the way and we would get the stop & all the Pokemon at the stop. It was fun. DO NOT DRIVE AND POKEMON HUNT! I would look where the stop was, on the Pokemon Go app and then I would drive there. Safety first! On the way home, we did the same thing.

Bean wanted to continue playing Pokemon Go, but I had to bake a cake and head to a game night with some friends. We made plans to go on Sunday together, just the two of us. She requested it, and I think it is important to have one-on-one time with your kids. Since my kids are so different in age, they like different things and need different things. Currently Bean needs a little more time with mommy and I thought this was an excellent outing, just the two of us.

Sunday afternoon we decided to drive to all the Pokestops in town and then head to the next town. We were going to just go on a walk, but she needed more pokeballs and I was not paying actual money for them, when we can get them for free. We hit up all the Pokestops in town and then headed to the next town over and got all of those. We had so much fun. We parked at each Pokestop and we would catch everything and then share what we each got with each other. On the drive home we talked about which was our favorites. We got home and we started evolving what we could in the car and we watched as each one evovled, together. We did all this before going inside and having dinner together.

It was a really fun time with my daughter and I know she loved it! I think we will try to do some more walks and outings like this. I know lots of people wonder what the craze is with Pokemon Go, and I can tell you it is because of all the possibilities. I get to share something from my childhood with my kids, we are encouraged to walk to get more candy and hatch eggs. It really brings us together in a fun and unique way. I encourage more parents to do this with their kids. One plus is we get a new pokemon outside our house every hour or so. I ran out out stardust, so I keep checking every so often if a new one is out there. My daughter will be happy that my husband works next to two pokestops, so she shouldn’t need pokeballs ever again!

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Disclaimer: This is a personal experience, Pokemon Go is in no way, shape, or form endorsing this post. These are my thoughts and feelings and they may differ from yours. 🙂



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