Planning A Family Reunion In Arizona

If your family is scattered across the United States or even the globe, putting together a family reunion is a great way to reconnect with those you love. Whether you’re gathering to celebrate a few birthdays or a recent achievement or you simply miss your people, here’s how to put together a family reunion as efficiently as possible in the Arizona area.

Get Organized

First things first – before you actually book a trip, there are a few things that should be figured out:

  • Decide who you’re going to invite. If you have a large family, this step is especially important. Ideally, you want to include everyone in this special event. Consider the location of the event and the amount of travel required for each family member to be there. If most of your family is pretty evenly spread out, choose a location that’s as equidistant from everyone as possible. If your family is fairly centralized to an area, you can keep the event close to home or choose a more extravagant location to experience something different.
  • Set a date as soon as possible. Conduct a survey via email so that you can better visualize the dates that work best for everyone. You can find free services, like Survey Monkey or Google Forms, that allow every family member to fill out a questionnaire. All of the answers will be compiled, making it easy for you to figure out what time of year works best for your outing. Finding a time that works for a majority of your group can be challenging, so the sooner you start planning your outing, the better.
  • Consider any limitations. If your family has older members with handicaps or health concerns, those should be considered when planning your trip. Additionally, consider the amount of money everyone is able to spend. This makes it more likely that everyone will be able to attend the event.
  • Determine the length of the event. Is your family reunion going to be a limited engagement or a week-long trip?

Settle On A Location

Deciding where to go for your family reunion really depends on the activities your family likes to partake in. If you’re a family with a lot of young children, your family reunion is going to look a lot different than a family with grown children.

For the outdoor-loving family, Arizona has plenty of beautiful camping grounds. Gainey Suites in Scottsdale has luxurious rooms, spas, a golf course, and breathtaking scenery. The Cabins on Strawberry Hill offer a ton of family-friendly activities like hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, and hunting. Their spacious grounds can easily accommodate large families. Similarly, White Stallion Ranch offers a ton of family-friendly activities that will allow you to reconnect and enjoy the time spent with each other amongst the Arizona landscape and wildlife.

For those thirsty for adventure, Arizona and the surrounding areas have a ton to offer. Choose a centralized area to stay, then book a charter bus rental to one of the many local attractions. From Vegas to Montezuma Castle near Camp Verde, Disneyland, and the Hoover Dam, there’s plenty to see and do in and around Arizona. Vegas is a great destination for families with grown children because it offers something for every taste. From  gambling to a variety of shows, attractions, and hotels, Vegas has it all – not to mention some of the best food offerings on the planet. Montezuma Castle and the Hoover Dam are fit for the history buffs and ideal for families with children big and small. The same can be said for Disneyland, where everyone can become a kid for a day.

For those looking to relax, Arizona is home to plenty of peaceful locations. The Windmill Winery, located near Florence, AZ, is a beautifully historic place where you can sample sensational wine and host a backyard-style meal with the family. Located in the heart of Sedona, NAMTI Spa offers massages, facials, acupuncture, yoga, and even guided hiking, perfect for the family looking to relax during their reunion. Whether you make a week of these events or schedule a single family yoga session, you’re sure to come together in a peaceful and calm way.

Have  A Blast!

Remember – your family reunion is all about making memories. As long as you’re together, you’re going to have a great time. Start planning your family reunion now!


About:  Lauren is a blogger for Via Trailways, a charter bus rental company that caters to family reunions.

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