Pilot Pens Make Excellent Stocking Stuffers!


The holidays are fast approaching and I know I am scrambling to find even more stocking stuffers for all the stockings I have around the house for people visiting over the holidays. One thing that remains true is people write! I know we live in the days of technology but I use a pen daily and even if its a letter to my Grammy or a quick note, I am always writing something. I couldn’t survive without my trusty Pilot pen to write my way.

I imagine this is true for everyone else in the world! So why not stuff that stocking this year with something useful and fun! Pilot makes so many different kinds of pens and each one is perfect for someone on your list! I have a rundown of a few of their pens that I really recommend checking out to stuff in stockings this year. I doubt there will be one stocking without a Pilot pen in my home this holiday season.


I think one of my all time favorite Pilot pens is one that I just found out about recently, its called B2P! Now you want to know why I am really excited about this pen? It means Bottle 2 Pen and it is the worlds first pen made from recycled bottles! How freaking cool is that? It is made from at least 86% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. The pen is filled with G2 gel ink for a smooth writing experience and it is refillable with G2 refills! I simply love the feel of these pens and I feel good about using them! Comes in Black, Red & Blue!


Now we are on to another Pilot pen I really like called Acroball Pure White. It gives you a really smooth writing experience and a comfort grip so your fingers feel all comfy. The pens are a neat stylish look and come in a variety of colors that you can choose from, and all of the pens come with black ink so you can be stylish and professional at the same time.


This next pen would be an excellent choice for someone who writes a lot. Dr. Grip Pure White is a great pen with accents with Blue, White, Pink or Green. It gives you a professional look with just a hint of your own individual tastes. The grip also gives you ease of use and will help your hand to not become tired or uncomfortable. It truly is an amazing grip that you will enjoy using. The Ink is Black and you can refill it!


I love colors and I think that is one of the reasons I really enjoy the Pilot G2 pens so much. There are so many colors to choose from, I am all about color when writing and making my lists and things fun or color coded! Though they also come with the more professional colors if you need to write something a bit more professional. When writing with these pens they are smooth and last for a long time & a big bonus, they are refillable! Did you know these are the #1 Selling Gel Pen? Well they are!


You like the ease of writing with a pen, but want to be able to erase your mistakes? That is something I wish for sometimes and with the FriXion Point you can have the choice to erase when you need to. The grip is soft and the pen is very precise and when you make a mistake it easily erases away. This pen ranges from fun vibrant colors to more professional ones as well. It makes it a great pen for anyone!


The Metropolitan Collection Ball Point Pens are amazing, and I always feel all important when I write with them. They are made with premium brass and stainless steel accents. They come in Gold, Black and Silver depending on your taste and it is a Medium Point with black ink. It is certainly for your more professional gifte or perhaps someone like me, who just likes to feel extra important when writing out a grocery list!

As you can see there is a pen to suit everyone on your list and if you do not stuff any stockings, these would still make excellent gifts! So get some Pilot pens for anyone, or everyone, on your list this year!

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